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Air Gunn
Val Gunn, 1998
Coach: Don't use the term "Luck" !
J.M Henriksen, 1998
Quarterback Fundamentals
Giorgio Volpi, EAFCA, 2000
My Experience at Penn State
Pete Glauner, EAFCA, 2000
Wishbone Option Defense
Stephen Wohlert, EAFCA, 2000
A Football Game Is More Than a Jousting Match
Bob O'Connor & Al Groh, EAFCA, 2000
I Have Encountered the Following Problem...
Glenn van Kooijk, EAFCA, 2000
The Solna Chiefs 3-step game
Leo Billgren, EAFCA, 2001
Physics applied to football
Edward Padula, EAFCA, 2002

1998 in Review - 4 replies in thread
J.M Henriksen, 1998

Experiencing Football
Adventures in Spain
Bjarne Plassen, 1999
The Turning Point
Per Estein Røhjell, 1999
Fearless goes to the World Bowl
Kenneth Haugland, 1999

An American Among Trolls
J.M Henriksen, 1998


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