Fearless goes to the World Bowl

Seeing the game from the stands

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By Kenneth Haugland


We came to the stadium between three and four hours before the game, and all kinds of things were going on all around the stadium. There were 40 000 in the stands for this game, and everybody were partying outside the stadium until an hour and a half before the game started. It was just like a big theme park. There were places you could test your throwing arm, hitting dummy nfl receivers, (something I did, 5 for 5, hehe) and there were a place where you could kick long field goals and accurate ones, and all kinds of things. Just like a big show. And of course there was a consert area, where bands were kicking it untill the game was about to start.

Fearless in front

Kenneth Haugland at the pre-game party

When we got inside the stadium they started this huge show in there as well; it was all sooo American. Over 400 cheerleaders participated in the show, and they were jumping all over the place during the game. When the game was about to start the rocket-man came in with the ball. That was cool, I've never seen that before.

As for the game it was a very good one with two teams that both could have won this one. But the Galaxy offence was the best offence I ever saw live. They were just passing all over the field, and when that didn't work they started to run the ball in the same manner. Just awesome. Although we were in Germany, the majority of the audience were cheering for Barcelona Dragons. Every time Galaxy were inside the ten, the crowd made one hell of a noise, with whistles and shouting so the quarterback almost couldn't call his audibles.

World Bowl 1999

What it's all about

Everytime there was a touchdown they fired off a great big firework bomb, and we just jumped everytime, cause that really shook the stadium. The game was exciting almost till the very end. It was one of the best games I have seen, including the NFL.

Kenneth Haugland, aka "Fearless Flea" is one of the most experienced players of the Sandnes Oilers. He is currently their starting Quarterback.

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