The Turning Point

A player's reflections

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By Per Estein "Pelle" Røhjell


Hello to all!

Though I'm quite a newbie at football, I feel free to write down a few thoughts concerning motivation. After a quite, to us, horrible loss to Bærum Blue Devils on the 23rd of May, the Vikings II found   themselves rather miserable... At least I did ;-) And I do believe that's how most of us felt. And we had every reason. We had not given our all to win the game.

Come Tuesday 25th.  We met up at practice as usual, but there ended all similarities with previous tuesdays for the Vikings second team. I play Runningback myself, and I cannot remember running that much in the first half of a training-session ever. We did sprints for forever, under a position coach who had obviously found new strength somewhere. There was a new spirit over him, and I do not think I've heard that much noise on the practice field from the other position-coaches before either.

Quite soon, I think everybody had noticed that the Head Coach had  found a new mood for the day as well. He was dealing punishment left and right without consideration, it seemed. I don't feel that's the best way to motivate people generally, but stay with me for a while and you'll know what happened.

About half way through the practice, I, at least, felt that I had to, and I was unusually willing to, push myself over my usual "edge"! I was astonished. I took a second to look around, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the same "feeling" had come upon almost everybody on the team....

Then we played "scrimmage"... It was a run-only scrimmage. And I think that though the O-line blocked better than ever, it was still harder than ever to get yards as a runningback.... Well, that's all right, you say, so what ? Well, the point is, I think that all Vikings II players have been thinking that our defense has got to be the toughest in the league... Still I've never seen the defence play tougher than Tuesday, including Sunday's match..........Makes me think the following: There was never a more over-confident team on a Norwegian football-pitch than the OSI Vikings II last Sunday!!!!

Why did we play harder ? I think the answer is better coaching. I'm not saying they've done bad earlier, but this was better, and this goes for all the coaches. The coaches were all fiered up like I've never seen them, and that was about time! 'Cause to be honest, we've learned a lot, but we've not played real, tough, hard, hurting, football untill Tuesday 25th of May - 99. I hope this was a turning point for our team, which I believe could play a lot better in the remaining games of the season, and be a serious challenge to any team.

Pelle, Tailback, Vikings II

Oh, by the way, to all those who didn't meet at practice:

God have mercy on your souls.....;-)