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Download Odigo now !Top to bottom: Visability, Mood and Intentions

By Jarle Magnus Henriksen,
The Odigo instant messenger is the latest and best in instant messaging. Not only does it allow you to chat with people from around the world, you can do so over your microphone as well. The Odigo messenger is -unlike other messenger services- able communicate with different messengers, like AIM, ICQ and the Yahoo! Messenger. You can import your old ICQ contacts and communicate with them as usual, so if you're already using one or more messengers, chances are you can use your contacts with Odigo as well !
Perhaps the most unique and best part of Odigo is the ability to recognize other Odigo users browsing the same web page as yourself. If you're at, Odigo will find other users currently on the web site. Through the Odigo messenger you can either send them a message, or you can open a chat room on the site - if there isn't one already ! If you happen to be on the web site all by yourself you can leave a note, which stays with the site until you log off Odigo. That way, other users can read your comments on the site, and if you'd like; contact you about it (which is a brilliant way to get in touch with others interested in the same issues as you). If you want to learn more about the features of Odigo, take the Using Odigo tour !
Odigo is compatible with both Mac and PCs, and available in MANY languages. Take a look in the download center: