I Have Encountered the Following Problem as a Coach
by Glenn Van Kooijk



Dear Coaches,

I have encountered the following problem as a coach....

As we all know any Football organisation has a philosophy concerning work and goals, therefore, one appoints a leading man which then in turn he surrounds himself with a staff that can help him reach the objective.
As such criticisim and challenge from staff members is always welcome, however at the end it comes down to the Head Coach calls, and he will be held accountable for the results of the team, am I right?
This is the model I used to play under, I started my coaching expirience under, and I have come to embrace and exercise now I'm a head coach myself. However, I'm now coaching a new team in Holland, the panthers, and I find myself with situation in which I was appointed as the headcoach and therefore asked to set out a guideline. We have a coaching staff now and I find myself with the challenge of keeping a set of goals clear. As I have a number of coaches under me who have clearly stated that they have a different vision. As a HC I should be able to Manage this, and I actually tried to do this from the above mentioned perspective... however I find myself now confronted with the fact that even though support from organisation was there initially, now they divert to what they call, a democratic way of making calls... I must state that I welcome a critical approach, but then again, there is one leading man (HC) and I find myself now with a very young organisation were some coaches with expirience embrace the above mentioned set-up and a couple of unexpirienced coaches which go from, what seams to be, typical doubth!
As a result of this, the team is actually on cruising mode and not moving forward in terms of development, training and I fear not only it will result in accidents but might actually result in the desintegration of the team. Can anyone give me any advice on how to handle this any other way than confrontational? (The expirienced coaches and myself are actually at a stage of expelling these new, unexpirienced coaches form the organisation) Mainly because the most effected will be the players.
Thanks for any input
P.s. my personal expirience as a coach has been in Mexico in the ONEFA for the Redkins and the aztecs as well as an assistant coach for the National mexican team.

Glenn van Kooijk
Email: vankooijk@usa.net

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