by Pete Glauner



Dear Coaches,

Coach Volpi asked me to write a little article about my experiences, coaching at the Penn State Football Camp last year. It's my pleasure!!
Last year I got invited by Frank Ganter to coach at the camp. I was thrilled to coach at one of the best Universities and flew over. The first impression was how well organised everything was. We stayed at campus in rooms at the dorms. There were around 200 coaches for about 600 Kids.
At the first day, we had a coaches briefing and final registration for the Kids. After that we had the first session with test's like vertical jumps, height and weight, long jump and 40 yd. dash. Than, the Kids got split up in groups. I had 2 groups sorted in age (each with 10 Kids).
At the second day, we started at 8.30 AM with practice. I was a part of 10 Coaches, who coached Offensive Line. Penn State Coach Bill Kenney lead the Practice session. He first showed everbody the drill to do, after that we split in our groups and coached. Following at 10.30 AM Special Team Instruction. 11.00 AM Lunch. 1.30 PM 2nd Practice till 3.45 PM. 5 PM Dinner. 7 PM 3rd Practice. 10.30 PM Kids in Rooms, 11.00 PM Lights out.
The 3rd day, we had the same program. After Practice Day, all coaches meet at Beaver Stadium to talk and get to know each other. It's fantastic to talk and share experiences with everybody.
It was a awesome posibilitiy to learn, coach and meet other coaches and talk football. This year, I had no chance to coach at the camp, because it was in the middle of our season.
Maybe sometimes we can do something like this in Europe too. I'm sure it will be not as big as in the states but everything small can grow. If there are any further questions, please fell free to ask!!

Pete Glauner

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