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Ballot holders

We have gathered some of the most knowledgeable football personalities in Europe. Here they are, and the criteria for their selection.

The ballot-holders is a mixture of:

1) Media people/Journalists. These people are basically the only ones feeding information about the games to the fans, thus their job/hobby requires that they have extensive knowledge of what is going on, either in their own and neighbouring countries, or in all of Europe.

2) Coaches. In particular coaches with teams that play internationally. These are the guys that get to see most of the teams that stand a chance of being ranked, and they also know a lot about the difference in strength between the leagues.

3) Others. Included in this category is referees, neutral site webmasters, organizers and former coaches etc. In other words; qualified persons who don't fall into the first two categories.

Interested in being a ballot holder ?

The ballot holders are listed alphabethically by surname.

Manuel Arana
Name: Manuel Arana
Affiliation: Statistics Director, Barcelona Dragons
Country: Spain
Nationality: Spanish

Fred Armstrong
Name: Fred Armstrong
Affiliation: Head Coach/Assistant GM, Stockholm Mean Machines
Country: Sweden
Nationality: American

Peter Brugnani
Name: Peter Brugnani
Affiliation: Head Coach, Pioners L'Hospitalet
Country: Spain
Nationality: British/Italian

Ryan Buick
Name: Ryan Buick
Affiliation: Webmaster, Under Center
Country: Scotland
Nationality: Scottish

Steve Fickert
Name: Steve Fickert
Affiliation: Head Coach, Hannover Musketeers
Country: Germany
Nationality: American

Scott G. Frear
Name: Scott G. Frear
Affiliation: Head Coach, Arctic Circle Stars
Country: Finland
Nationality: American

Giovanni Ganci
Name: Giovanni Ganci
Affiliation: Editor, Huddle M@gazine (Italy)
Country: Italy
Nationality: Italian

Chris Gauvreau
Name: Chris Gauvreau
Affiliation: Head Coach, Oslo Vikings
Country: Norway
Nationality: Canadian

Val Gunn
Name: Val Gunn
Affiliation: Head Coach, Aix-en-Provence Argonautes
Country: France
Nationality: American

Christopher-Eric Houben
Name: Christopher-Eric Houben
Affiliation: President, AIFL Stats
Country: Austria
Nationality: Austrian

Vincent Lelard
Name: Vincent Lelard
Affiliation: Journalist, N-Zone. Player/Coach, La Courneuve Flash
Country: France
Nationality: French

Juha Liedes
Name: Juha Liedes
Affiliation: Board member SAJL. President, Hameenlinna Tigers. Former HC, Finland.
Country: Finland
Nationality: Finnish

Chris Merritt
Name: Chris Merritt
Affiliation: Head Coach, Stuttgart Scorpions.
Country: Germany
Nationality: American

Roope Noronen
Name: Roope Noronen
Affiliation: President, Helsinki Roosters. Vice-president, SAJL.
Country: Finland
Nationality: Finnish

Ian Radcliffe
Name: Ian Radcliffe
Affiliation: Co-editor, The First Down. Head Coach, Karlskrona Seahawks
Country: Sweden
Nationality: British

Joerg Schlueter
Name: Joerg Schlueter
Affiliation: Editor, American football magazine HUDDLE (Germany)
Country: Germany
Nationality: German

Giorgio Volpi
Name: Giorgio Volpi
Affiliation: Webmaster, World Coaching Connection. Coach, Switzerland jr.
Country: Switzerland/Italy
Nationality: Swiss

Andrew Whitley
Name: Andrew Whitley
Affiliation: Agent, Athletes Inc.
Country: USA
Nationality: American

Mike Wyatt
Name: Mike Wyatt
Affiliation: Head Coach, Rüsselsheim Razorbacks
Country: Germany
Nationality: American

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