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The idea behind the Euro 25 poll is to do polling the way it has been done in the States for many, many years. Hopefully this will give a more solid reflection of strength between the teams than current polls manage to give. We have given ballots to those that follow the teams on the top European level on a regular basis; coaches and journalists/media. As you will see if you go to the page called "Ballot holders", we have gathered some of the top coaches in Europe, mixed with some of the few football journalists on our continent. These are the people that possess the most knowledge about top European football, and the Euro 25 aims to reflect that knowledge by giving you Europe's most accurate poll.

The 2000 season was our first, and we learned a great deal about the weaknesses and strengths of our concept. Hopefully this will enable us to deliver an even better product to you in the 2001 season.

Yours in football,

Euro 25 Organizing Committee





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