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These are the deadlines used to gather the Euro 25 poll bi-weeky:

Who What How/Where Day Time GMT
BH* Ballot E-mail Sunday B4 22:00
BH* Ballot Forum post Monday 12 - 18:00
OC* Publish Website Monday B4 22:00

BH*= Ballot holders. OC*= Organizing Committee.

These are the release dates of the Euro 25 poll:

Week Day Month Comment
12 Monday 20th March Pre-season
14 Monday 3rd April Regular
16 Monday 17th April Regular
18 Monday 1st May Regular
20 Monday 15th May Regular
22 Monday 29th May Regular
24 Monday 12th June Regular
26 Monday 26th June Regular
28 Monday 10th July NO POLL TO BE PUBLISHED
30 Monday 24th July NO POLL TO BE PUBLISHED
32 Monday 7th August Regular
34 Monday 21st August NO POLL TO BE PUBLISHED
36 Monday 4th September Regular
38 Monday 18th September Regular
40 Monday 2nd October Regular
42 Monday 16th October Regular
44 Monday 30th October Post-season


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