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Voting guidelines

To assure that everything is done in a professional manner, the Euro 25 maintains a strict voting process, and on this page we present it in full detail specifically aimed at the ballot holders themselves:

- By 22:00 GMT Sunday each fortnight you must send an e-mail to the OC e-mail address with your ballot. In your ballot you will put your ranking of the top 25 teams in Europe, ranked from #1 descending down to #25. It is vital that you send it before the deadline as specified earlier !

- In addition you will post your ballot in the Euro 25 voting booth forum, under the topic for that specific poll (for example: "Week 26"). The Forum is passworded, and the password is changed at least once a month on irregular basis: You must remember the last password we sent to you ! Use your code -which functions as your username in the Euro 25 voting booth forum- to post your ballot. DO NOT write your name or give any other indication to your identity other than the username given to you by the OC ! Your post to the Euro 25 voting booth forum must be delivered between 12:00 and 18:00 GMT Monday (from 14 till 20 hours after the e-mail deadline). It must be a replica of the e-mail vote. Again, it is vital that you keep within the deadline set !

- Your post to the Euro 25 voting booth must be within the time limits set. It is equally important that it is not posted before said time.

- You must rank the teams from #1 to #25. You can not rank teams as tied.

- Remember to include the full name of the team. For example, "Lions" will not do, as there are many teams in Europe named "Lions". Include the name of the city or organization that the team use in addition to their nickname.

If you do not keep within the deadlines mentioned, your vote will not be eligible for that particular week/fortnight; you can still vote the rest of the year.

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