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2001 Awards

Junior All - Norwegians


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T: Ole Petter Ølberg, Oilers
G: Thor Vegar Kristiansen, Trolls
Lars Antonio Becerra, Bandits
G: Eilif Eide, Storm
T: Anders Rødland, Trolls

WR: Stefan Dalseide, Storm
WR: Gaute Tesli, Vikings
TE: Dag Arve Hollevik, Storm

QB: Runar Økland, Storm
Henning Klungtvedt, Oilers
TB: Henrik Horgen, Trolls

P: Tor Arne Torsvik, Storm
K: Even Stølen
, Seahawks


DE: Pål Erik Vangstein, Vikings
DT: Martin Opdahl, Trolls
DT: Ruben Andreassen, Panthers
DE: Andreas Meyer, Ruins

LB: Christian Mundheim, Storm
LB: Tron C. Johansen, Trolls
Tor Arne Torsvik, Storm
LB: Rafael Riveros, Panthers

DB: Konrad Nøkleby, Bandits
DB: Jamie Schad (A), Vikings
DB: Stian Tomin, Storm

PR: Nicolai Klem, Trolls
Nicolai Klem, Trolls

The All-Norwegians are the best players of the Norwegian junior league all gathered on one team. Like a real Norwegian team the All-Norwegians can carry a maximum of two Americans. In addition, the All-Norwegians can carry a maximum of three "E" players (foreign players excluded the Americans). The All-Norwegians are based upon the game reports that TNFJ receives, the games we view and the recommendations we receive through our e-mail.