The Norwegian Football Junkie 2001 Junior Awards


Most Valuable Player
Linebacker Tron Christian Johansen, Vålerenga Trolls.
The heart and soul of the Trolls, this knowledgeable player is high above his peers at the junior level quality wise. Already a solid player at the senior level too, Johansen is proof of what a junior program can add to a club.
Runner-up: Linebacker
Tor Arne Torsvik, Bergen Storm.
Division Big City Player of the Year
Linebacker Tron Christian Johansen, Vålerenga Trolls.
Johansen once again proved his worth in his last season at the junior level. Not just a player who floats on talent and physical ability, he's a demanding team player that makes those around him improve and strive to enhance their play as well.
Runner-up: Runningback
Henrik Horgen, Vålerenga Trolls.
Division Sub East Player of the Year
Quarterback/Safety Magnus Thorstensen, Furuset Panthers.
A sound tackler and agile runner, Thorstensen was the main asset of the Furuset Panthers in their rookie season. Not only did he rule from the safety position and give the Panthers a vital threat at QB, he was a dangerous returnman and solid kicker, too.
Runner-up: Defensive Lineman Andreas Meyer, Hamar Ruins.
Division Wild West Player of the Year
Linebacker Tor Arne Torsvik, Bergen Storm.
No player did so much for his team with so much success as Torsvik did in 2001. An intriguing athlete with the gift of great hitting ability, this former high school player was a positive factor in every game the Bergen Storm played this year.
Runner-up: Fullback
Henning Klungtvedt, Sandnes Oilers.
Rookie of the Year
Receiver/Kick Returner Nicolai Klem, Vålerenga Trolls.
A speedster with moves is always a great receipt for a successful player in Norwegian football, and Klem was an example of that as he sliced his way through junior defenses in 2001. Decent hands is not a bad thing to have either.
Runner-up: Quarterback Runar Økland, Bergen Storm.
Coach of the Year
Head Coach Jon T. Bakken, Åsane Seahawks.
Bakken, a long-time member of the Norwegian football scene, produced this team from scratch, and has now seen his creation blossom into a squad of 20+ gridiron players. His main influence seems to have been his ability to make the Seahawks a safe haven for sportmanship and as much a social as an athletic home to talented young football players in Bergen.
Runner-up: Offensive Coordinator Anders Hjerpseth, Vålerenga Trolls.