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Team overlook:

A rookie side in 1999, the 1814s will struggle. Although a couple of players are talented, there's far too much inexperience here to make the playoffs.


National junior team QB Anders Johnsen left to go to school in northern Norway, and suddenly this is an area of concern. The Ruins hope that Erik Røjd can pick up where Johnsen left, although thats a tough task. At least he will be surrounded by quality talent.


Perhaps the best of many good starting backfields in the junior league this season. Bjørn Olav Slåttlandet and Vegard Kokslien can run around or over people, and they both are experienced players.


Joakim Meyer returns from a year in the States. He has gained valuable experience and strength. His hands are however not consistent; he sometimes drops easy catches. Younger brother Andreas Meyer is a superb talent that will start at Tight End. The Ruins trust him to do some damage.

Offensive Line:

Anders Mass (C), Jim Stian Hansen (G) and Krister Skogen (T) are three of the players that will make up this formidable line, quite possibly the strongest line of any eastern team.

Defensive Line:

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Defensive Backs:

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Special Teams:

Bjørn Olav Slåttlandet is a strong kick returner. With some solid blocking and emphasis on returns, this team could score a lot on special teams.

Coaching Staff:

Gard Engebretsen and Alan Jørstad are this year's coaches. Engebretsen has several years of playing experience, while Jørstad is a former national junior team assistant coach, as well as having coached the Ruins seniors for years.


This team should have no problem winning their group, nor advancing to the championship tournament. They are big enough size-wise to stand strong against physical teams like Otra Raiders or Sandnes Oilers. They are the TNFJ preseason favorites to take the title.

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Grading out
Quarterbacks: B

Runningbacks: B
Receivers: C-
Offensive Line: C+
Defensive Line: D+
Linebackers: A-
Defensive Backs: D-
Special Teams: B+
Coaching Staff: C+

Team overall: B-

Record: 6-0
Placement: 1st in group East II


vs. Eidsvoll
vs. Kolbotn
@ Kolbotn
vs. Eidsvoll
@ Eidsvoll
@ Kolbotn
Playoff qualification game
Champ'ship Tournament

*= Preseason game.