The Norwegian Football Junkie 1999 Junior Awards


Most Valuable Player
Runningback/Linebacker Hallvard Hollevik, Bergen Storm.
Can really be described with one word: Slippery. That's the impression he makes on opposing tacklers, trying to get a grip. His own tackling skills are not to be underestimated.
Runner-up: Quarterback/Safety
Anders Hjerpseth, Vålerenga Trolls.
Division East I Player of the Year
Linebacker/Fullback Tron C. Johansen, Vålerenga Trolls.
Grew as the season wore on, and simply dominated. Plays the run & pass equally well. Showed outstanding athletic ability, with good agility and balance. Runs through people when necessary.
Runner-up: Tailback/Safety
Christian Laupsa, Oslo Vikings.
Division East II Player of the Year
Fullback/Safety Bjørn Olav Slåttlandet, Hamar Ruins.
In his last season as a junior he simply did what he has done the last few years. Perhaps the finest junior player in the nation talent-wise.
Runner-up: Linebacker/Tailback
Linus Larsson, Eidsvoll 1814s.
Division West Player of the Year
Runningback/Linebacker Hallvard Hollevik, Bergen Storm.
What can you say ? 8 touchdowns in the first tournament alone. His 99 yard interception return on a two-point conversion try in the final vs. Trolls was the definition of this promising player.
Runner-up: Linebacker/Tailback
Andrew Keller, Sandnes Oilers.
Rookie of the Year
Wingback Tony Gundersen, Vålerenga Trolls.
15-year old Tony got hit, got up and got going. Blazing speed combined with good moves and toughness makes this player one of the most exciting to watch in the years to come.
Runner-up: Linebacker/Tailback Linus Larsson, Eidsvoll 1814s.
Coach of the Year
Head Coach Espen Stovnmo, Vålerenga Trolls.
Both Stovnmo and runner-up Strøm did the same thing - build a program from the bottom up. Both achieved great success, the difference being Trolls taking gold and Storm grabbing the silver.
Runner-up: Offensive Coordinator Bård Strøm, Bergen Storm.