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Team overlook:

After a somewhat disappointing Nordic championship in Denmark last season, the Norway national junior team has no official games this year. A change in the setup of qualification games to the European Junior Championships meant Norway and Denmark both stood without the bi-yearly WEJC games. This in turn led to huge budget cuts for the team, thus further restraining the possibility to get the program rolling. On the player side, 10 of the players from last year's squad leaves due to age, including such standouts as LB Bjørn Olav Slåttlandet (Ruins) and DT Hans Petter Henriksen (Otra). Incoming players look to strengthen the team at certain positions, but the team looks weakened at others.

The games:

Norway will have to make do with games against club teams this season, as national teams like Denmark and Sweden have declined the offers to come and play in Oslo. On September 17th Swedish club team Majorna Mustangs will face the Norwegians in a practise game played at the end of Norway's training camp. On the weekend of October 7th/8th the national team is looking to host yet another team, but it has not yet been made official who.


A season without important games has obviously created somewhat of a mellow feeling with regards to the national team in Norway. The consensus is that the program is not that important when its not playing against other national teams. However, the continuity of the program is the important aspect that faces the team this year.

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Tryouts, Oslo
Training camp, Oslo
Exhibition game, Oslo

Exhibition game, Oslo