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Team overlook:

A beginning. Thats the best way to describe 1997 for the national junior team. It had been two years since Norway last fielded a national team, this team was expected to be something different. But the way the project was decided to be conducted left parts of the Norwegian football scene with a bad taste in their mouths. The national team at first worked more like a team on its own, recruiting players with no previous experience and practising three times a week. Practising this often meant that only players from a certain area (you guessed it: Oslo) could be part of the team. So technically, this was no national team. But things changed, and hectic activity the last couple of months before the Nordic championship led to a change in nature of the team and in the coaching staff. Dr. Bob O'Connor left the Head Coaching job and Val Gunn entered it.
But it was too late to create magic, and the team stumbled through the first ever Nordic championships, finishing fourth out of four.

The games:

The national juniors played several practise games, most notably beating Hamar Ruins 22-21. In September the team travelled to the Nordic junior championship where they first met Sweden, losing by a whopping 55-0 in a game where the Norwegians only gained two first downs; both by penalties...
The Swedes gained a total of 508 yards while our heroes gained a paltry 34.
In the Bronze final Norway met the Danes, who had lost to Finland by 72-6. Once again the Norwegians found themselves gasping for air, with Thomas Hoelseths rushing TD the only bright spot in a 40-6 loss. Statistically it was a lot closer than the game against Sweden, with the Danes gaining 222 total yards versus Norway's 107.


1997 was a valuable put painful experience. First the unsuccessful attempt to establish the team almost like an independent club, then the coaching change just weeks before the Nordic championship. Better things lie ahead...

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Practise games

Practise games
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