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Team overlook:

From 44 players and 7 coaches in 1997 to 29 players and 4 coaches in 1998. But smaller actually proved to be better ! 1998 saw a tryout slash training camp in February, a nerve-killing victory in Denmark and a terminating experience in London. It also saw an actual national team. A team with players from more than one part of the country (would Otra have had any players on the team in '97 unless their QB lived in Oslo and could tell the coaches about their players ? Don't think so.) that is.

The games:

1998 was all about qualifying to the WEJC : Wilson European Junior Championship. Each game could be the last, so a lot was at stake. First up were Denmark, whom to the Norwegians lost 40-6 the year before. This time around it was to be a different type of game; a defensive stand. The Norwegian defense impressed by holding the Danes' offense to zero points, while the Norwegian offense gave up a safety on the very first drive. But with only three minutes or so to go a pass from Andreas Jørgensen (Raiders) to Stian Støle (Trolls) gave our side a 6-2 lead, which they impressively held till the final whistle, even with the last Danish drive literally a fingertip away from scoring.
The surprising victory meant Norway had the pleasure of facing the Great Britain Crusaders at home in London. It turned out to be a dubious pleasure, with the Norwegians hammered 54-0, mainly thanks to the British speed, for which Norway could not account.


The victory over Denmark may have proved a turning point, or maybe not. It was a great day, but the 54-0 loss to the Brits, who themselves in turn got clobbered during the European junior championships, left many wondering. What on earth is this team capable of ? Was the victory of the Danes just a fluke accident ? Or was it the loss to Great Britain that must be considered an accident ? Time will tell.

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