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 The Magazine - 2001 Senior Edition
10 important questions

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Editorial comment
"The teams that died - what could have been"
10 important questions

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The Teams
Bergen Storm
Eidsvoll 1814s
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Kristiansand Gladiators
Nidaros Domers
Oslo Vikings
Sandnes Oilers
Vålerenga Trolls

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1) Who will win the Norwegian championship on the 14th of July ?
A: The Oslo Vikings
2) How much worse are the Vikings, and how much improved are the 1814's ?
A: Just about 38 - to - 39. Seriously; the Vikes are down a couple of notches, and the 1814's are slightly improved. That's all it takes to make for some close games.
3) Why did the Vikings pull out of the EuroBowl ?
A: The international competitions seem to be falling apart due to organizational and political matters. There is too much politics behind the scenes, and there are too few well-organized clubs.
4) Are the Trolls "back" ?
A: On the way, but not quite there. Two years ago we predicted they'd be back in the championship game this season, but it looks as if we were missing the target by a year or so.
5) Is the level of Norwegian football improving ?
A: Yes, mostly thanks to the U-16 and U-19 leagues. Although the top team of 1999 and 2000 probably would beat the top team of 2001, the rest of the senior teams are narrowing the gap.
6) Why doesn't Norway have a lot of college players, like Sweden ?
A: There seems to be a lack of connections / know-how. There is talent around that deserves a better fate than to play in front of 50-350 spectators on converted Norwegian soccer-fields.
7) Will the Oilers take their third 2nd Div. champ'ship in three years ?
A: Yes.
8) Are the Kristiansand Gladiators for real ?
A: Well, they seem serious enough.
9) Will the Furuset Panthers finish the season ?
A: They'd better. Pulling out in 2000 was bad, but can be considered a rookie mistake. If they do it this season, there are no excuses.
10) Where is Norwegian football heading ?
A: It may look like a downward spiral right now, but things are happening in youth football, and that's where the future is decided.




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