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2001 Senior Edition - Eidsvoll 1814s

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Vital Information
Coach : Dan McCarthy
Offensive Scheme:
Defensive Scheme:
Bøn Stadion
2000 Preseason rank:
2000 Record:
5-3 (Championship runner-ups)
2000 Results
@ Nidaros Domers: 49-21
@ Vålerenga Trolls: 38-8
@ Oslo Vikings: 14-43
vs. Oslo Vikings: 6-48
vs. Vålerenga Trolls: 34-6
vs. Nidaros Domers: 41-28
vs. Sandnes Oilers : 62-0
vs. Oslo Vikings : 20-68
2001 Schedule
@ Nidaros Domers:
@ Vålerenga Trolls:
@ Oslo Vikings: 39-38
vs. Vålerenga Trolls: 16-0
vs. Nidaros Domers: 33-9
vs. Oslo Vikings: 14-28
vs. Sandnes Oilers: 61-6
@ Oslo Vikings: 24-7
Offensive Philosophy: The 1814’s rely on Lars Bråten’s running abilities and a good O-Line to do much of the work with a mix of passes and trickplays to move the ball. Not much is going to change this year.
Offensive Stars: Lars Bråten is the guy who keeps the team moving with his running skills. Dan McCarthy figures to be an impact player who can score from numerous positions. Lars Martin Skovseth is a rookie receiver who can make plays. The line, with players such as Kenneth Andersen,Thomas Hansen and Jarle Østhagen, is one of Norways finest and has experience.

1814s are aiming for #1 this season

Offensive Concerns: 2 of last year's starters (Roy Andre Høgseth (retired) and Tor Helge Bakken (injured)) needs to be replaced. So far it looks good, but those two had a lot of experience. There has been alternation on the O-Line as well. Coaching Staff: Head Coach Dan McCarthy is new this season, and has done a great job so far. His coaching background is from college-, indoor- and European football. McCarthy brings attitude, coaching wisdom and fun to 1814’s practices. Hopefully McCarthy will be back next year too.
Organization: Eidsvoll has had one of the best organizations in Norway for a long time thanks to good planning and skilled people.This year figures to be no different, with President Asbjørn Brandlistuen at the helm.
Defensive Philosophy: Eidsvoll 1814’s have had weak spots on defense, and very good players on other positions.This year it looks to be more balanced and the team think it is their defense that will win games for the team this year.
Defensive Stars: Roger Graber has been a star at linebacker for a long time, and this season he moves to his favorite position as an outside linebacker. Leif Snilsberg and Dan McCarthy will be the other LBs, making the linebacker crew the strongest position on the team. Espen Bøhnsmoen has been one of Norways top corners for a while and Ronny Støen has improved every year at End.
Defensive Concerns: Only injuries and a thin defensive line concerns the 1814’s this year.

Will Eidsvoll finally escape the grasp of the Oslo Vikings ?

Special Teams: Kicker Bård Aune has been Norways best kicker for the last 6 years and still is reliable. His kicking ability gives the 1814's an asset that every other Norwegian team lacks. Speedster Lars Bråten and Jon Walker are threats to take it all the way on returns.


Bottom Line: Being in the national championship game for the last 2 years, Eidsvoll 1814’s believe they are ready to finally win this year. A solid defense, often exciting offense, and an excellent kicking game, is a recipe worthy of championship hopes.



Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
LT Kenneth Andersen 186 125 7
LG Thomas Hansen 186 108 6
C Bjarne Plassen 182 100 9
RG Jarle Østhagen 192 100 8
RT Andreas Liaker 185 115 R
WR Lars Martin Skovseth 172 68 R
WR Tor Helge Bakken 180 80 6
WR Dan McCarthy 185 95 15
TE Leif Snilsberg 185 92 6
QB Jon Walker 182 85 10
TB Lars Bråten 178 81 6
Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
DE Linus Larsson ? ? ?
DT Ronny Støen ? ? ?
DT Ronny Myhrer ? ? ?
DE ? ? ? ?
OLB Leif Snilsberg 185 92 6
MLB Dan McCarthy 185 95 15
OLB Roger Graber ? ? ?
CB Espen Bøhnsmoen ? ? ?
FS Lars Bråten 178 81 6
SS Halvor Dahlen ? ? ?
CB Joseph Kinne ? ? ?
TNFJ Projections

Lars Bråten

Roger Graber

Best-Case Scenario
QB gets in sync with receivers from the start, defense is dominating and the team stays injury-free.
Worst-Case Scenario
Injuries to key players cause big problems.
Key Arrivals
QB Jon Walker
WR Lars Martin Skovseth
WR Dan McCarthy
OL Bjarne Plassen
Key Departures
QB Greg Korstrom
WR Roy-André Høgseth
TE Bent Andersen
RB Dean Villares

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