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 The Magazine - 2001 Senior Edition
"The teams that died - what could have been"

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Editorial comment
"The teams that died - what could have been"
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The Teams
Bergen Storm
Eidsvoll 1814s
Furuset Panthers
Kristiansand Gladiators
Nidaros Domers
Oslo Vikings
Sandnes Oilers
Vålerenga Trolls

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Ok, what is the point of this column then ? Well, thought it could be an interesting experiment to take a look at the teams that have been around for the last decade or so, and put them together in one league, just to take a look at what could have been if they'd all been playing at the same time. Oh, what a tempting thought...

First, lets summarize the teams that have played games in the Norwegian senior league (which proves they have actually been teams, not paper dragons):

Arendal Wildcats
Asker Lynx
Bergen Bulldogs
Bergen Flyers
Bergen Storm
Bærum Blue Devils
Drammen Scorpions
Eidsvoll 1814's
Fredrikstad Eagles
Hamar Ruins
Kolbotn Kodiaks
Kristiansand Gladiators
Larvik Lions
Lillehammer Wolfpack
Lillestrøm 89ers
Nidaros Domers
Oslo Vikings
Oslo Vikings 2
Otra Raiders
Romerike Romans
Sandnes Oilers
Tønsberg Towers
Vålerenga Trolls
Vålerenga Trolls 2

Altogether: 24 teams. As you may notice, neither the Furuset Panthers nor Sarpsborg AFK fit the criteria, as they've never actually played a league game. Now, lets make a league out of these 24 teams.
First, we'll have to do some substractions and multiplications: The Bergen Bulldogs and Bergen Flyers actually merged and became the Bergen Storm. So, the Bulldogs and Flyers are removed in favor of the Storm.
We now have 22 teams.
The Blue Devils more or less consisted of the same players as Asker Lynx, so we'll chose one of those too. I'll take the Lynx because they were a better team with a better name.
21 teams.
The same story is true for the Otra Raiders / Kristiansand Gladiators. They are basically the same team, and couldn't have co-existed anyway. Since the Gladiators are currently active, their name will prevail.
20 teams.
From what I've heard the Lillestrøm 89ers and the Romerike Romans were the same team with a different name too, so the 89ers make the league and the Romans don't. I started my "career" in a team called the Aspervika 89ers, so I've always liked the Lillestrøm nickname.
19 teams.
I think thats enough rejected teams for one column, so lets put our 19 teams into a league now:

1st Division 2nd Division West 2nd Division East
Arendal Wildcats Bergen Storm Fredrikstad Eagles
Asker Lynx Drammen Scorpions Hamar Ruins
Eidsvoll 1814's Kristiansand Gladiators Kolbotn Kodiaks
Nidaros Domers Larvik Lions Lillehammer Wolfpack
Oslo Vikings Oslo Vikings 2 Lillestrøm 89ers
Sandnes Oilers Tønsberg Towers Vålerenga Trolls 2
Vålerenga Trolls

I've put the Wildcats and Oilers in the 1st Division because they've always seemed like 1st Division teams to me; winning big in the 2nd Division most of the time and winning a game here and a game there when they've played in the 1st Division. The 1814's, Domers, Vikings and Trolls make up the current real-life 1st Division, so obviously they get spots there. Asker Lynx was always a 1st Division team. Actually, the Lynx made the championship game in '91 after beating the Trolls in the semi-finals. Until Eidsvoll did the same in '99, Asker was the only team outside of Oslo to play in the senior championship game.

Bergen Storm has an okay record from the 1st Division, but have proven they belong in the 2nd Division over the last three years. Fredrikstad Eagles lost to the Domers and the Oilers in the 2nd Division in '93, which seals their fate as a 2nd Division team instead of 1st Division. The Kodiaks played more even games in the 2nd Division than the 1st, so that's why they belong in 2nd. Actually, they hold the worst score in the history of the 1st Division; losing 0-109 (or something like that - who was counting ?) to the Vikings in '93.

The rest of the setup should be fairly straightforward. I call the 2nd Division groups East and West because that is mainly how they've been divided - with the exception of the Vikings 2 and Trolls 2, which have been randomly put in the two groups. They're in different groups because neither can qualify for any kind of playoffs, so it seemed most fair to have them in different groups.

Now, let's see where they all went:

Arendal Wildcats: Folded as recently as after last season.
Asker Lynx: Folded after the 1995 season.
Bergen Storm: Still around, after a break in the mid-90s.
Drammen Scorpions: Folded after a couple of years in the mid-90s.
Eidsvoll 1814's: Still around, have been present ever since they first were founded in '95.
Fredrikstad Eagles: Folded after playing in the 1993 2nd Division.
Hamar Ruins: Pulled out of the league this season after being around since '95.
Kolbotn Kodiaks: Folded in 1999 after some poor years.
Kristiansand Gladiators: Recently founded team played their first season this year.
Larvik Lions: Folded after a season or two in the 2nd Division in the mid-90s.
Lillehammer Wolfpack: Played one season in 1998 and pulled out in '99 and 2000.
Lillestrøm 89ers: Folded in the early 90s. Several players played on for the Trolls.
Nidaros Domers: Still around, and have been since '93.
Oslo Vikings: Still around, and have been since '87.
Oslo Vikings 2: Played some seasons in the late 90s and in 2000. Then disappeared.
Sandnes Oilers: Still around, and have been since '93.
Tønsberg Towers: Like the Lions, some mediocre years in the mid-90s before they folded.
Vålerenga Trolls: Still around, and have been since '87.
Vålerenga Trolls 2: Started at the same time as Vikings 2, but folded after a couple of seasons.

That leaves 7 teams in the 2001 senior season.
Oh well...

Together in football,

Nasty-lookin' white guy
Jarle Magnus Henriksen

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