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 The Magazine - 2001 Senior Edition
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Editorial comment
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To the Norwegian football community and those who follow it from the sidelines :

We are already nearing the end of another senior season. In the 2nd Division it's been a rather sad story, with two out of five teams not finishing the season, and the Oilers easily taking the 2nd Division Championship for the third year in a row. The 1st Division is a different matter, as we've seen some great performances and close games. And closest of them all: Oslo Vikings 38 - Eidsvoll 1814's 39...We couldn't have asked for a more exciting change at the top. Although there are still at least one -probably two- games to go between the Vikes and 1814's in 2001, the Eidsvoll victory is an important part of Norwegian football history: For the first time ever a team outside Oslo can be considered favorites (/serious contenders) to take the senior title. Whether the Eidsvoll team -led by coach Dan McCarthy- grabs that opportunity, remains to be seen.

Although the Trolls and Domers also seem to be improved teams this season, they still have some distance to go before competing for the championship. The Vålerenga Trolls seem to be on the rebound after a couple of tough years. The Nidaros Domers have clearly stepped up since they first arrived in the 1st Division two years ago. They have yet to record their first league game victory of 2001, but their win over the Trolls in Oslo last season was a major feat and proves the Domers are in the right division.

The 2nd Division, as we've seen, has been a mixed bag. The arrival of the Kristiansand Gladiators is by far the most positive happening, while the two teams that pulled out (Hamar Ruins) and were kicked out (Furuset Panthers) -respectively- is a sad affair. Decisions regarding whether your club can field a team or not needs to be made at a much earlier stage than either of these two teams managed to do. The Sandnes Oilers, as mentioned, took their third 2nd Division championship in a row, and with such margins that it's clear to see they'd better step up into the 1st Division next year. The interesting question is who'll replace them in the 2nd Division. If the Oilers had been a 1st Division team this season, only the Kristiansand Gladiators and the Bergen Storm would have played games in the 2001 2nd Division...

The second (!) general assembly of the federation (NoAFF) this year was recently held, and Stein-Arne Tjore was elected President. Tjore has been the leader of the federation before, and left an excellent legacy then. Hopefully his election will bring the same results this time around; it is much needed. TNFJ wishes all whom where elected the best of luck in their job: We need you !

We have a Norwegian in the NFL Europe again ! Linebacker Phillip Sissener, formerly of the Oslo Vikings and the Aarhus Tigers, made the cut and this season played for the Barcelona Dragons, where he recorded 2 special teams tackles according to the official stats. Sissener, who played for the Vikings in 2000 and was the defensive MVP of the Norwegian championship game, is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston. He grew up in the United States, but speaks Norwegian and has spent the past two years playing football in Europe.

In the shadow of the senior season, a much more important season has been taking place. Although TNFJ News has been able to update you somewhat, we have not been able to give the U-16 league the coverage it's players, coaches and referees deserve. The Nordstrand Bandits recently took the league title in a close game against the Hamar Ruins in front of 250 spectators at Hamar. Two other teams competed for the Norwegian U-16 league title: The Furuset Panthers and the Vålerenga Trolls. congratulates all the teams and those who have been involved with taking the next step for Norwegian football !
Hopefully more teams will follow in your footsteps in 2002.

Together in football,

Nasty-lookin' white guy
Jarle Magnus Henriksen

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