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2001 Senior Edition - Kristiansand Gladiators

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Vital Information
Coach : Thore Fossheim
Offensive Scheme:
Defensive Scheme:
Hellemyr Kunstgress
2000 Preseason rank:
2000 Record:
2000 Results
Did not participate
2001 Schedule
@ Aalborg 89ers : 6-56
vs. Sandnes Oilers : 8-33
@ Bergen Storm: 0-12
@ Furuset Panthers: 1-0
vs. Bergen Storm: 14-6
vs. Hamar Ruins: 1-0
vs. Sandnes Oilers: 2-42
@ Sandnes Oilers: 6-40
vs. Furuset Panthers: 1-0
@ Hamar Ruins: 1-0
Offensive Philosophy: The Gladiators are primarily a running team, but will probably try to open it up more by establishing a passing game.
Offensive Stars: WR Raymond Bechen is a savvy veteran who was once the backbone of a strong Arendal Wildcats team. O-lineman Allan Wetrhus, despite having lost a step over the years, can play almost any position. He also doubles as a defensive back. Thore Fossheim takes over the reigns at QB after the departed Andreas Jørgensen. Lacking arm strength, he makes up for it with smart playcalling.

Hans Petter "Psycho" Henriksen gets his Gladiator uniform

Otra Raiders is dead, the resurrection is named The Gladiators

Offensive Concerns: Kristiansand lacks real firepower, and seems to have trouble finding the endzone. In the season opener the defense yielded only 6 points, but they still lost. The running game is adequate, but the Gladiators must improve drastically in their passing and blocking schemes. Coaching Staff: Thore Fossheim is the Offensive Coordinator, and is new to the job.
Organization: The club for the first time appears well organized; something that has always been a weak side of the Kristiansand based team. When changing its name from Raiders to Gladiators, the board also took it upon itself to be a serious contender both on and off the field. Improvements have to be made, but by 2002 the gladiators hope to be in good shape. Thore Fossheim is the club president, and treasurer Roar Skripeland is doing a good job of keeping the finances in place. Tor Aanensen, Arne V Tellefsen and Allan Wetrhus are members of the board.
Defensive Philosophy: The Gladiators wants to shut down the run, forcing opponents to the air. The overall philosophy is to hit the opponents hard and do not give away anything for free.
Defensive Stars: DE Erik Eriksen is a 250-pound junior with quickness. LBs Hans Petter Henriksen, Christoffer Hæstad and Håkon Jørgensen make up a solid unit. Henriksen has great physical ability and can hit, Hæstad defines what being a team player is all about, and Jørgensen rarely makes mistakes. Also the team's Defensive Coordinator, he must be rated the team's best player overall.
Defensive Concerns: Considered the team's strong point, the major concern of the defense is to not lose focus. Gives up the 50+- game breaker too often.

The 2001 Kristiansand Gladiators

Special Teams: Must improve, especially on kickoff coverage. Kicker Magne Østhus has a strong leg, and Erik Eriksen can also step in if necessary. Punter Thore Fossheim is adequate and gets the job done.


Bottom Line: The team is participating in the 2001 season to get the fairly high amount of new players some valuable playing experience, and also to get the somewhat rusty veterans in shape (The veterans have not played a game since 1998). Hopefully it will be an interesting learning process, and it is the team's most important goal that every player will come back for another season. Continuity has always been a problem, and the Gladiators will try to change this by getting the players hungry for more.



Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
LT Tommy Jensen ? ? 4
LG Allan Wetrhus ? ? 8
C Christoffer Hæstad ? ? 4
RG Hans Petter Henriksen ? ? 4
RT Erik Eriksen ? ? 3
WR Raymond Bechen ? ? 8
WR Dominic Barnes ? ? R
TE J.J. Johansen ? ? R
QB Thore Fossheim ? ? 8
RB J.T. Solås ? ? 4
RB Anders Vedaa ? ? R
Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
DE Arne V. Tellefsen ? ? 3
DT Steinar Johansen ? ? 3
DT Rene Fenger ? ? 1
DE Erik Eriksen ? ? 3
OLB Christoffer Hæstad ? ? 4
MLB P. Jonas Lie ? ? 5
OLB Håkon Jørgensen ? ? 8
CB Dominic Barnes ? ? R
FS Allan Wetrhus ? ? 8
SS J.J. Johansen ? ? R
CB Raymond Bechen ? ? 8
TNFJ Projections

Thore Fossheim

Håkon Jørgensen

Best-Case Scenario
The addition of Warhuus and Johansen gives the Gladiators the necessary skills to win the 2nd Division.
Worst-Case Scenario
Too many penalties prove costly, having people playing both ways likewise.
Key Arrivals
RB Esben Warhuus
WR Raymond Bechen
LB Trond Johansen
OL/DL P. Jonas Lie

QB Darryl Jimenez
RB/DB Bjørn Ivar Sigbjørnsen
Key Departures
Coach Marc Gazaille
Glenn Drangsholt
RB Egil Skripeland
QB Andreas Jørgensen
RB Tommy Hansen

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