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2001 Senior Edition - Sandnes Oilers

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Vital Information
Coach : Jarle Magnus Henriksen
Offensive Scheme:
Defensive Scheme:
2000 Preseason rank:
2000 Record:
7-1 (2nd Division Champions)
2000 Results
@ Arendal Wildcats: 37-22
vs. Bergen Storm: 16-0
vs. Arendal Wildcats: 75-0
@ Bergen Storm: 30-0
@ Arendal Wildcats: 47-0
vs. Bergen Storm: 47-13
vs. Bærum Blue Devils: 1-0
@ Eidsvoll 1814s: 0-62
2001 Schedule
@ Kristiansand Gladiators: 33-8
vs. Hamar Ruins: 1-0
vs. Furuset Panthers: 1-0
vs. Bergen Storm: 42-14
@ Kristiansand Gladiators: 42-2
vs. Kristiansand Gladiators: 40-6
@ Hamar Ruins: 1-0
@ Bergen Storm: 65-6
@ Furuset Panthers: 1-0
@ Eidsvoll 1814s: 6-61
Offensive Philosophy: The Sandnes Oilers have relied on a solid running game and the speed of Joakim Rød in the passing game over the last couple of years.
Offensive Stars: All-Norwegian wideout Joakim Rød has put up impressive numbers in his two seasons, including 11 touchdowns in 2000. Fullback Sten Schmidt is a bulldozer. Mammoth lineman Jonny Solberg is in his 9th season, and is a leader with impressive skills. Quarterbacks Inge Bodsberg and Henning Klungtvedt are young and talented, but can one of them emerge as the efficient passer the Oilers are looking for ?

After two consecutive 2nd Division championships, the Oilers are considered favorites

WR Joakim Rød is expected to be an important contributor once again

Offensive Concerns: Whether the combination of Kolbjørn Olafsen and Erlend Jensen at Tailback can replace the production of Americans Anthony Ellis and Will Carver is a major question mark. Ellis could play, but whether he does is highly uncertain at this time. Coaching Staff: Head Coach Jarle Magnus Henriksen comes over from an Assistant Coach position with the Oslo Vikings. He also has been the Head Coach of the National Junior Team. So far the Oilers seems to have found a good fit with Henriksen. Bjørn Burmeister (Runningbacks) is in his first year coaching, while veteran Stein N. Wisted controls the Special Teams.
Organization: Sandnes has had the same club President for 10 years, so nothing wrong with the continuity here. A small but efficient club, the Oilers have fielded a junior team every year since 1995.
Defensive Philosophy: Sandnes' Defense has been their main force since '99. The Oilers take pride in their hitting ability and hustle.
Defensive Stars: OLBs Cato Wallin and Raymond Rød are both good tacklers that can cover. Jon E. Jakobsen has been a mainstay on the inside since 1993. Safety Kenneth Haugland is well-known for his excellent hitting ability despite his size.
Defensive Concerns: Two rookies on the line could spell trouble despite the solid crew around them.

Bengt Johansen switches from TE to Offensive Tackle

Special Teams: Kicker Joakim Rød is excellent on kickoffs, but the Oilers have not been successful enough on PATs and Field Goals. Punter Henning Klungtvedt has a knack for making the ball bounce his way. Brothers Joakim and Raymond Rød make up the speediest return combination in the country.


Bottom Line: With a record of 14-2 (14-0 in the regular season) the last two seasons, the Sandnes Oilers are cleary favorites for a threepeat as 2nd Division champs. Anything less would be a huge disappointment for the West coast team. With another solid season, Sandnes could move into the 1st Division.



Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
LT Jonny Solberg 185 135 9
LG Jørgen Olavesen 183 103 4
C Lars Waalen 180 100 6
RG Frank Møllevik 190 110 4
RT Bengt Johansen 186 102 3
WR Joakim Rød 177 76 3
WR Svein Martin Dahle 183 88 5
TE Stian Breivik 193 97 4
QB Inge Bodsberg 188 95 3
FB Sten Schmidt 185 100 10
TB Kolbjørn Olafsen 180 85 5
Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
RE Martin Becker 193 90 R
RT Arild Bjørgo 188 113 5
LT Finn André Hovde 192 95 R
LE Per Tore Solstad 190 100 5
OLB Cato Wallin 178 90 5
MLB Jon E. Jakobsen 183 95 8
OLB Raymond Rød 182 82 5
CB Rune Egeland 190 85 2
FS Kenneth Haugland 165 75 8
SS Ole Martin Dahle 188 90 R
CB Roy Terje Nygaard 175 78 6
TNFJ Projections

Sten Schmidt

Cato Wallin

Best-Case Scenario
Rookies develop quickly, Bodsberg and Klungtvedt gets in sync with Rød, Breivik, Våge and Dahle.
Worst-Case Scenario
QBs don't live up to expectations, Defense proves too light up front.
Key Arrivals
QB Inge Bodsberg
TB Kolbjørn Olafsen
TB Erlend Jensen
WR Svein Martin Dahle
LB Bjørn Erik Poppe Thorsen
DB Ole Martin Dahle
Key Departures
DL Ivar Andreassen
DL Reggie Thomas
DL Tim McGhee
DB Johan Färdig

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