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 The Magazine - 2001 Senior Edition
2001 Senior Edition - Predictions

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Editorial comment
"The teams that died - what could have been"
10 important questions

Predictions, Awards etc.
1st Division
2nd Division
Unit Rankings


The Teams
Bergen Storm
Eidsvoll 1814s
Furuset Panthers
Kristiansand Gladiators
Nidaros Domers
Oslo Vikings
Sandnes Oilers
Vålerenga Trolls

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1st Division

# Team Comment
1 Oslo Vikings Despite being weakened: Still the strongest team.
2 Eidsvoll 1814s Can they take advantage of the situation ?
3 Vålerenga Trolls Improving, but still can't beat Vikings or 1814s
4 Nidaros Domers Must repeat victory over Trolls to make playoffs

2nd Division

# Team Comment
1 Sandnes Oilers Three in a row if they can handle the Storm
2 Bergen Storm When will they beat the Oilers again ?
3 Kristiansand Gladiators Rookies may make a splash
4 Furuset Panthers Farmer deal with Trolls help, but not enough


# Team Comment
1 Oslo Vikings Only Eidsvoll can stop them from 4 in a row...
2 Eidsvoll 1814s They seem to be ready, but got to do it on the field.
3 Vålerenga Trolls Could pose a semi-final threat, but small chance.
4 Sandnes Oilers 0-56 and 0-62 in semi-finals doesn't promise much.



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