The Magazine - 2001 Senior Edition
2001 Senior Awards

Most Valuable Player
Linebacker/Tight End Dan McCarty, Eidsvoll 1814s.
Not only did his superb play beat opponents offensively and defensively, but it also freed up those around him to play without being double-teamed all the time (Roger Graber, anyone...?).
Runner-up: Guard
Pär Kärn, Oslo Vikings.
1st Division Player of the Year
Runningback/Safety/Returner Lars Bråten, Eidsvoll 1814s.
Long recognised as a top player, Bråten continued to be the focal point of the 1814s offense in their championship year, as he has been the past three seasons. Defensively Bråten seemed to be involved in almost every tackle as he came storming in from his Free Safety position.
Runner-up: Linebacker/Lineman Christian Paulsboe, Oslo Vikings.
2nd Division Player of the Year
Linebacker/Returner Raymond Rød, Sandnes Oilers.
Rød led his team in tackles, interceptions, fumble recoveries, safeties and sacks. In addition to scoring 3 TDs on interceptions and fumble recoveries, Rød also scored on a kick return, and on a reception when filling in for injured brother Joakim Rød.
Runner-up: Linebacker Rune Danielsen, Bergen Storm.
Rookie of the Year
Runningback Anders Vedaa, Kristiansand Gladiators.
Wins in a landslide, as the whole city of Kristiansand obviously backs this man. A tough guy with his heart in the right place, Vedaa took opponents by surprise as he ran, caught and intercepted his way through the league in 2001. Definitely a name to look out for in the future.
Runner-up: Wide Receiver
Lars Martin Skovseth, Eidsvoll 1814s.
Import Player of the Year
Runningback/Cornerback Anthony Brown, Oslo Vikings.
The elusive style of Brown added another element to the Vikes' attack. Not only hard to get hold of, when Anthony Brown reaches open field his speed leaves opponents behind and referees with both arms in the air. Brown even performed defensively, stepping in at Corner when needed.
Runner-up: Linebacker/Tight End
Dan McCarty, Eidsvoll 1814s.
Coach of the Year
Coaches Dan McCarty / Vince McGee, Eidsvoll 1814s.
They actually didn't get the most votes, but let's be realistic: Nobody deserved this honour more than these two. McCarty and McGee's fierce preparation for the championship game landed Eidsvoll their first senior title, only four weeks after the same Vikings team had walked all over the 1814s for a relatively easy win @ Eidsvoll.
Runner-up: Head Coach Jarle Magnus Henriksen, Sandnes Oilers.