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2001 Senior Edition - Bergen Storm

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Vital Information
Coach : Kaj Hopland
Offensive Scheme:
Defensive Scheme:
Varden Kunstgress
2000 Preseason rank:
2000 Record:
2000 Results
vs. Bærum Blue Devils:
@ Arendal Wildcats: 54-26
@ Sandnes Oilers: 16-0
vs. Arendal Wildcats: 22-34
vs. Sandnes Oilers: 0-30
vs. Arendal Wildcats: 1-0
@ Sandnes Oilers : 13-47
2001 Schedule
vs. Kristiansand Gladiators: 12-0
vs. Hamar Ruins: 1-0
@ Kristiansand Gladiators: 6-14
@ Hamar Ruins: 1-0
@ Sandnes Oilers: 14-42
@ Furuset Panthers: 1-0
vs. Furuset Panthers: 1-0
vs. Sandnes Oilers: 6-65
Offensive Philosophy: Bergen's always reliable outside running game combined with the occasional reverse has been their forte for years.
Offensive Stars: Tight End Stig Schjerpen is perhaps the best in the land, and his contribution will once again be essential if Storm is to prevent teams from bringing 8 and 9 men to the Line of Scrimmage. QB Kaj Hopland has proven his worth over the years, both as an inspirational leader and with his play on the field.

Will Bergen outrun their opponents once again ?

No chance to tackle the Wildcats this season

Offensive Concerns: How do you replace the production of Arild Hauge and the talent of Hallvard Hollevik ? You don't. The talent on the receiving end of the ball is sound, but can Hopland get them the ball on a consistent basis ? Coaching Staff: Kaj Hopland returns as the Head Coach, but the loss of Offensive Coordinator Bård Strøm and Defensive Coordinator Eirik Talhaug stings. Rune Danielsen takes over the chores on defense, and brings experience from the field. What he can do as a coach remains to be seen.
Organization: Once again, the loss of Bård Strøm stings. But Storm has been more than one man on the organizational side since they returned to the field three years ago. With a Head Coach who is also the President of the club, there shouldn't be room for any internal conflicts during the senior season.
Defensive Philosophy: Storm tries to bring as many people as possible to the Line of Scrimmage, leaving MLB Danielsen to tackle whoever comes through.
Defensive Stars: Lineman Ronny Nilsen is almost the best lineman in the 2nd division. Linebacker Rune Danielsen makes a bunch of tackles each game and fuels the defense. Corner Knut Petter Alnes knows how to play Man cover.
Defensive Concerns: Too much pressure on the MLB position could spell trouble if Danielsen is having a poor day at the job or isn't playing.

Ronny Nilsen is back for another season of rushing the passer

Special Teams: Not much to comment in this department. Kaj Hopland handles punting duties efficiently, but Bergen's habit of sometimes punting on 3rd down has yet to prove a game-winning strategy. The kicking and returning game is of average Norwegian standard.


Bottom Line: Finishing second in 2nd Division West in 2000, Bergen must take the next step. With a junior program and a sound organization leading the way, it is time for the senior team to show what it's got. A victory against southern rivals Sandnes Oilers could prove pivotal for the Storm program.



Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
LT ? ? ? ?
LG ? ? ? ?
C ? ? ? ?
RG ? ? ? ?
RT ? ? ? ?
WR Knut-Petter Alnes ? ? ?
WR Atle Mølholm ? ? ?
TE Stig Schjerpen ? ? ?
QB Kaj Hopland ? ? ?
FB Rune Danielsen ? ? ?
TB Magne Lædre ? ? ?
Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
DE Thomas Midttun ? ? ?
DT Ronny Nilsen ? ? ?
DT Rolf Endresen ? ? ?
DE ? ? ? ?
OLB ? ? ? ?
MLB Rune Danielsen ? ? ?
OLB ? ? ? ?
CB ? ? ? ?
FS Atle Mølholm ? ? ?
SS ? ? ? ?
CB Knut-Petter Alnes ? ? ?
TNFJ Projections

Tight End
Stig Schjerpen

Rune Danielsen

Best-Case Scenario
Junior program keeps feeding the senior team with young talent. Rookies step up early on.
Worst-Case Scenario
Without coaches Strøm and Talhaug, progress is brought to a halt. No one can replace Hauge and Hollevik in the backfield.
Key Arrivals
RB Magne Lædre
Key Departures
RB/KR Hallvard Hollevik
RB Arild Hauge
FS Eirik Talhaug

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