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2001 Senior Edition - Vålerenga Trolls

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Vital Information
Coach : Jan Johansson
Offensive Scheme:
Defensive Scheme:
Jordal Stadion
2000 Preseason rank:
2000 Record:
2000 Results
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s:
@ Oslo Vikings: 6-75
@ Nidaros Domers: 26-13
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s: 8-38
vs. Nidaros Domers: 14-29
@ Eidsvoll 1814s: 6-34
vs. Oslo Vikings: 0-56
2001 Schedule
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s:
@ Oslo Vikings:
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s:
@ Nidaros Domers:
@ Eidsvoll 1814s: 0-16
vs. Oslo Vikings:
vs. Nidaros Domers: 21-6
@ Oslo Vikings: 13-42
Offensive Philosophy: Since their junior championship year in 1999, the Trolls had been developing their variation of the Flexbone offense. Now they seem to be switching to a more traditional I-formation attack.
Offensive Stars: Roger Kjær is probably the best Norwegian QB in the game today. The former Larvik Lions' player has developed into a fine passer over the last few years. Espen Stovnmo is a feared runner. FBs Fredrik Markhus and Niclas Haugen provide excellent blocking, as does the O-line led by long-time veteran Bernt-Helge Hammer. Young and fearless WR Lars Bjerkelund is a coming star.

Jan Erik Esp is expected to be an important contributor on the D-line

One of the best Norwegian linebackers ever, Jan Løken, is back for another season

Offensive Concerns: What happens if Kjær goes down ? It happened last season and the Trolls struggled. And is Kjær fully healed after last year's injury ? Whether the young receivers can do the damage necessary to keep the 1814s and Vikings from bringing 8 and 9 men into the box, remains to be seen. Coaching Staff: Jan Johansson is back for another season after coming over from the 1814s a year ago. His commitment and enthusiasm is unquestionable, and the results he produced with Eidsvoll in 1999 proves he has had the right stuff. Terje Pedersen is gone, but a couple of player-coaches have arrived. So has Paul Parlett, a former assistant with the Vikings and Head Coach of now defunct Kolbotn Kodiaks.
Organization: After troublesome years that culminated with economic havoc in 1998, the Trolls have been rebuilding, and rebuilding well. Hard work both on and off the field makes this the best organization in the country at this time.
Defensive Philosophy: What a new Defensive Coordinator brings to the table is yet unknown. The Trolls have always relied on excellent hitters at the Linebacker position.
Defensive Stars: The Linebacker unit looks solid as rock if imports Adrian Bowers and Chad Schweitzer bring the expected skills. Jan Løken is for real. Kent Sneve and Espen Pedersen are solid veterans in the secondary.
Defensive Concerns: The D-line has experience, but there isn't a Paulsboe in this group. The Corners look good on paper, but the Trolls did struggle covering against the better teams last year.

The Trolls in all their glory

Special Teams: Lars Bjerkelund managed to score on a kick return vs. the 2000 Vikings, which was a considerable feat back then. He is fearless, fast and reads well. Anders Hjerpseth could also help out, provided he still has speed. Børge Astrup is the punter. Whom the kicking duties goes to is as of yet unknown.


Bottom Line: The future looks bright if you're a Troll living in Oslo. The success of the junior program and below (U-16, U-13), the solid management work and the desire to get back to the top is what will bring the Vålerenga Trolls back into the playoff picture this season. Despite the two tough years in 1999 and 2000, the Trolls should know they're on the way up.



Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
LT André Soot ? ? ?
LG Jarle Mæhlum ? ? ?
C Bernt-Helge Hammer ? ? ?
RG Tomas Rosendal ? ? ?
RT Karl-Petter Jansen ? ? ?
WR Lars Bjerkelund ? ? ?
WR Joachim Boug ? ? ?
TE Jostein Skoglund ? ? ?
QB Roger Kjær ? ? ?
FB Fredrik Markhus ? ? ?
RB Espen Stovnmo ? ? ?
Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
DE Morten Krantz ? ? ?
DT Jan Erik Esp ? ? ?
DT Simen Kristensen ? ? ?
DE Roy Vikan ? ? ?
OLB Chad Schweitzer ? ? ?
MLB Adrian Bowers ? ? ?
OLB Jan Løken ? ? ?
CB Tron C. Johansen ? ? ?
FS Espen Pedersen ? ? ?
SS Kent Sneve ? ? ?
CB Børge Astrup ? ? ?
TNFJ Projections

Espen Stovnmo

Adrian Bowers

Best-Case Scenario
Stovnmo, Markhus, Manaf and Haugen wear opponents down, the Linebackers prove to be as solid as they look on paper.
Worst-Case Scenario
Kjær gets injured, Defensive Line not up to the standards necessary to beat Eidsvoll and the Vikes.
Key Arrivals
RB Omar Manaf
WR Joachim Boug

OL Tomas Rosendal
LB Adrian Bowers
LB Chad Schweitzer
Key Departures
Coach Terje Pedersen
LB Chris Wells

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