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2001 Senior Edition - Oslo Vikings

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Vital Information
Coach : Blake Miller
Offensive Scheme:
Defensive Scheme:
Jordal Stadion
2000 Preseason rank:
2000 Record:
10-4 (Norwegian Champions)
2000 Results
vs. Carlstad Crusaders:
vs. Stockholm MMs: 14-38
@ Aarhus Tigers: 13-14
vs. Vålerenga Trolls: 75-6
@ Stockholm MMs: 19-20
vs. Aarhus Tigers: 28-7
vs. Nidaros Domers: 63-0
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s: 43-14
@ Eidsvoll 1814s: 48-6
@ Nidaros Domers: 59-0
vs. Doane College: 0-7
@ Vålerenga Trolls: 56-0
vs. Nidaros Domers: 1-0
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s: 68-20
2001 Schedule
vs. Carlstad Crusaders:
vs. Vålerenga Trolls:
@ Nidaros Domers:
@ Eidsvoll 1814s: 38-39
vs. Nidaros Domers: 52-0
@ Vålerenga Trolls:
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s: 28-14
vs. Vålerenga Trolls: 42-13
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s: 7-24
Offensive Philosophy: A power running game coupled with a sound but conservative passing attack has been the recipe of the Vikings.
Offensive Stars: Fullback Nicolay Aslaksen is a name that will be remembered from this era of Norwegian football 100 years from now. The former World League player is still going strong. QB Dennis Johansson is a leader with impressive physical abilities. Lineman Pär Kärn would start on any European line.

Anders Raaer looks set to switch from OL to LB

DBs Christian Laupsa and Peter Arkko return

Offensive Concerns: Without Nanhed this team loses its best player, a back who can catch and run like no other player ever to play on Norwegian soil. The loss of giant-size Tackle Ola Sprauten is not an easy one to fix. Johansson is a good QB, but Jacobs was lethal by the end of 2000. Coaching Staff: After two seasons and two championships, Chris Gauvreau returned to Canada. In comes former Bærum Head Coach Blake Miller, who managed to bring Bob O'Connor with him from the Blue Devils. Miller was a very popular coach with the Blue Devils, and brings enthusiasm. O'Connor brings unparallelled knowledge of the game. O-line coach Andreas Begby returns, as does defensive coach Henrik Dahl.
Organization: A junior program that has crumbled over the last few years. A recruit team that faded away. Despite having people with vast experience and knowledge in the board, the Vikes have to resurrect their once seemingly brilliant organization.
Defensive Philosophy: Relying on sound talent, the Vikes have played aggressive pass D, whilst shutting down running attacks with big defenders in the middle and fast defenders on the outside.
Defensive Stars: Christian Paulsboe is a major asset, whether he plays on the line or as a Linebacker. LB Gerry Fraser has excellent speed. Howie Inniss, Peter Arkko, Tord Magnusson and Christian Laupsa makes the secondary a strength to be reckoned with.
Defensive Concerns: LB Phillip Sissener now plays in the NFL Europe. The loss of Sissener and fellow linebacker Dave Weatherall stings big time. Mikael Berg, and possibly Arne Rønning, must be replaced on the D-line.

LB Sissener has left for NFL Europe

Special Teams: Kicker Lasse Vangstein struggled much of 2000, but looked like his old self in the championship game. He must have a better season. Gerry Fraser and Howie Inniss are both solid return men, Fraser has great speed while Inniss reads blocks well.


Bottom Line: After two unbeaten seasons in the domestic league, the Vikes finally look mortal again, although they still have enough talent to take the title. But it isn't unreasonable to question whether the lack of a solid junior program may cost the Vikings dearly - maybe even a Championship.



Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
LT Jan Kristian Stensrud ? ? ?
LG Pär Kärn ? ? ?
C Anders Raaer ? ? ?
RG Robin Jönsson ? ? ?
RT Sten Kagnes ? ? ?
WR Snorre Sønju ? ? 2
WR David Rødsand ? ? ?
TE Gerry Fraser ? ? ?
QB Dennis Johansson 190 100 ?
FB Nicolay Aslaksen ? ? ?
RB Anthony Brown ? ? ?
Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Year
DE Georg Svendsen ? ? ?
DT ? ? ? ?
DT Christian Paulsboe ? ? ?
DE André Nesset ? ? ?
OLB Bård Beylich ? ? ?
MLB Einar Korneliussen ? ? ?
OLB Gerry Fraser ? ? ?
CB Christian Laupsa ? ? ?
FS Howie Inniss ? ? ?
SS Peter Arkko ? ? ?
CB Tord Magnusson ? ? ?
TNFJ Projections

Nicolay Aslaksen

Howie Inniss

Best-Case Scenario
Loss of imports lets former juniors and backups shine. Still too much talent to lose in Norway.
Worst-Case Scenario
Lesser competition equals lesser effort and dedication. Nanhed and other imports return too late to save season.
Key Arrivals
RB Anthony Brown
LB Eivind Skeie
LB Jonas Bauge
Key Departures
QB Wayne Jacobs
OL Ola Sprauten
OL Matthias Figur
DL Mikael Berg
LB Phillip Sissener
LB Dave Weatherall

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