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Team overlook:

With their new coach and imports and key players returning, the Eidsvoll 1814s feel that they are a real contender for the National Championship. Last year wasn't special on paper, but sure was in real life. Clobbering Arendal and Sandnes, going up and down the field with the Trolls and the Vikings. Not to forget that they where a mere 6 points away from the championship game; losing 42-36 to the eventual champs in overtime in the semi-final. No wonder there is reason for excitement on the farm.


The 1814s will bring in an American quarterback, looking for someone who could blossom in the system of Coach Johansson. Look for Eidsvoll to have a well qualified starter here. Leif Snilsberg has shown steady improvement but is a few years away from being a good starter.


Some old and a couple of new faces. The 1814s looks to be potent on the ground this year. Lars Bråten is a smallish speedster who can take some physical abuse. Swiss star Roger Graber is a monster whereever you put him. He is highly respected by other teams. Eric Payton is a new import this year whom 1814s feel will contribute to their running game. Also, there is some excitement over new fullback Bent Andersen who has made the switch from Tight End.


Micah Deckart will not return which is a huge loss. But there's still some talent left in speedy Roy Andre Høgseth, speedier Tor Helge Bakken and converted lineman Jarle Østhagen. However, there isn't much depth. But the 1814's will be fine as long as the combined deep threat of Bakken and Høgseth are on the field.

Offensive Line:

The O-line was voted as the team's offensive MVP's for the 98 season. This line remains almost intact and is a big reason for the 1814s recent success. LT Kenneth Andersen has been around since the team started rolling. RT Idar Hansen is a rookie whom the 1814s are high on. The guards will be powerful Torbjørn Johnsen and technical competent Asbjørn Brandlistuen. The C will be former LB Ulf Andersen. Andersen is viewed by many as one of the finer linemen in Norway. Expect this line to be dominating with coach Johanssons fine-tuning. Backups Knut Halvor Wenger and Øystein Henriksen could figure in the picture.

Defensive Line:

Some new faces at the D-line this year. Ronny Støen has speed and strength. He received a team award for "Most Improve Player" last year, and should continue developing. The team is confident in Ronny Myhrer and Øystein Henriksen. Henriksen is the strongest player on the team. Also expected to start is Ragnar Liaker. Look for more pressure on opposing teams from this unit. The 1814s needs more of a "push" from this unit than last year, to put pressure on the QB without using the blitz.


The team's strongest unit. Roger Graber, Bård Aune, Leif Snilsberg and Tor Hundstad returns. Graber is a terrific talent who punishes the opposition once. They never go there again. Snilsberg is very athletic and is seldom caught out of position. Aune has experience and the 1814s consider Hundstad their best Norwegian linebacker when he is motivated. Also look for imported American Eric Payton to make an impact from his position. Depth is maintained with Thomas Hansen, a player who has shown excellent practise habits.

Defensive Backs:

This was the 1814s weakest link last year. Has been looking better and better during practise the last few months. Espen Bøhnsmoen, Halvor Dahlen and Roger Slaatbråten are expected to start here. Slaatbråten has excellent quickness and may surprise this year. But this is an area of the team that will be severely tested by opponents looking for weak spots.

Special Teams:

The Eidsvoll 1814s have one of Norway's best punters/kickers in Bård Aune, who gives them a scoring threat inside the 30 and usually good field position. Lars Bråten is electrifying on returns and is joined by another speedster; Tor Helge Bakken. Whenever spectators turn their eyes away from this return unit they risk missing a TD. Bråten is the best returner in Norway at the moment.

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach Jan Johansson has the players eating out of his hand, and has done just about everything right since he joined the 1814s. It remains to be seen how he does on gameday. Defensive Coordinator Vince McGee will return in May and is a wizz coaching the lines. Also look for the imports to have an impact in the coaching department.


The 1814s feel very comfortable about their team this year, and have very high ambitions. Only one season away from playing in the 2nd division, they are one of the three top candidates to win the national championship. In addition, they will be playing in the EuroCup. Expect this team to play hard all year long. But remember; the element of surprise is gone. Nobody will take them lightly this time around.

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Grading out
Quarterbacks: B

Runningbacks: B
Receivers: C-
Offensive Line: C+
Defensive Line: D+
Linebackers: A-
Defensive Backs: D-
Special Teams: B+
Coaching Staff: C+

Team overall: B-

Record: 3-3
Placement: 2nd in 1st division


@ Trolls*
vs. Roskilde Kings**
@ Vikings***
@ Kronborg Knights**
@ Trolls
vs. Domers
vs. Trolls
@ Domers
vs. Vikings

NC Semi-final
Norwegian Champ'ship

*= Preseason game.
**= EuroCup game.
***= EuroCup and regular season game.