Gets a grip on the Norwegian gridiron scene







In the States its hard to find a serious football team without a cheerleading squad entertaining the spectators. In Norway its hard to find both spectators and serious football teams, so cheerleading is a new thing. The oldest existing cheerleading squad is a mere two years old, i.e. not exactly what you'd normally call a veteran squad. In 1998 two teams fielded what can be named cheerleading squads. No surprise then that those two were the Oslo teams; Vålerenga Trolls and OSI Vikings. In addition some teams have from time to time done attempts of setting up squads. Bergen Storm and Kolbotn Kodiaks used to have some, Otra Raiders had some last year and Hamar Ruins is in the process of setting up a squad this year.
Viqueens and Lady Trolls are the front fighters for Norwegian cheerleading, both having risen to a reasonably good level within their sport. Because that's what cheerleading is to these girls (no boys involved as of yet) - a sport. They practise as hard or even harder than those teams they cheer for. Their pyramids counter football formations, their chants an audible of a different kind; a crowd winner. They have captains and coaches; different positions assigned for the pyramids. It is indeed a connection -however distant- to the great game of football. Maybe thats why they fit so nicely on the sidelines. Or maybe we'd like to have 'em there anyway :-)
Whatever the connection - cheerleading is here to stay.

Now all we need is the band...






Lady Trolls