Ruins win :

20 - 8

Vikings 2 vs. Ruins

Week Nine

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2nd Div East
Bærum Blue Devils
Hamar Ruins
Kolbotn Kodiaks
Lillehammer Wolfpack
OSI Vikings 2

Scoring Summary
Vi2 - TD, Try ok
Ham - Safety
Ham - TD, Try no go
Ham - TD, Try no go
Ham - TD, Try no go


Yet another rainy day saw the game change venue from Ekeberg (grass) to Jordal (turf) on very short notice, creating some problems for the visiting side. But the Ruins denied to let such an incident get in their way, and took home the victory in another hard-fought battle between these two teams, knowing a victory would secure them the division East title and a spot in the 2nd division Championship game. However, it was the Vikings that started the best, with FB Roald Fischer finding the endzone after bulldozing his way in for a touchdown. Hamar seemed unable to respond, but their defense soon tightened up, forcing the Vikings 2 to commit a vital error when they fumbled a longsnap on a punt on their own 1st yardline, causing a safety for the Ruins.
Not long after, QB Don Jess found receiver Thomas Hoelseth for a long TD pass, resulting in a tie at the time; 8-8.
But the Hamar side striked again, with Hoelseth catching one more ball from Jess and turning it into a touchdown. 14-8 to Hamar at halftime, leaving a frustrated Vikings 2 team, as well as frustrated spectators (Bærum players) who needed the Vikings 2 to win to have a shot at the division crown. A turnaround was definitely needed. It was not to be. A scoreless 3rd quarter saw the Vikings 2 in good shape trying to brake a Hamar defense that would only bend a little on the day. This continued into the 4th and final quarter, without any breakthroughs for the Oslo team. Instead, Jess and the Ruins put the final nail in the coffin when a naked bootleg by the eminent quarterback was run all the way to the endzone to conclude the final score: 20-8.
A tough and at times exciting game saw Hamar Ruins take control of their own destiny and send themselves to the 2nd division Championship game, where they will meet favorites Sandnes Oilers from the 2nd division West.

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Vikings 2 8 0 0 0 8
Ruins 0 14 0 6 20

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Offensive Player of the Game:
WR Thomas Hoelseth, Ruins
(Two great TD catches)

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Defensive Player of the Game:
LB Thomas Hoelseth, Ruins
(Tackling all over the field)