Ruins win :

64 - 0

Kodiaks vs. Ruins

Week Six

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2nd Div East
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Hamar Ruins
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Kodiaks on the run

A sunny day in Kolbotn and the Kodiaks took on the visiting Ruins. Kodiaks fielded 16 players while the Ruins had about 20 players. It looked as if it could be an even game, but it was not to be. The game started with a somewhat strange play. Kodiaks got the ball on their own 20 yard line after kick off and the first snap went way past the Kodiaks backfield ending up in the endzone where a Ruins player fell on the ball for a touchdown. After that the game just went one way. The Ruins showcased a solid run and shoot offence and never looked back, capitalizing on almost every drive they had.

Ruins QB/Coach Don Jess showed some potential against a weak Kodiaks defence, throwing long passes downfield for a couple of long TD's. The Kodiaks tried to answer but was just too slow for an ever blitzing Ruins defense, ending up with punting the ball a lot. The game was also filled with penalties, most of them on the Kodiaks going offsides and aligning in illegal formations, showing that what the Kodiaks need is a coach calling the shots instead of 3-4 player/coaches on the field. A lot of confusion and low spirit gave the speedy Ruins an easy win.

This was a one way game with not much to it. Ruins made some big plays on offence, but were also given all the time in the world to pass the ball, while Kodiaks still has to try and find an offense and defense that works for them. There where also a couple of odd calls during this game, giving the crowd of about 25 people something to talk about, including a ruled TD with the officials whistle blown while Ruins QB Jess stopped on the Kodiaks 5 yard line, not going in for the score before after the ball was dead...hmm...

Hamar is still a contender in the second division East, while Kodiaks is a long way away from the team they once were.

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Kodiaks 0 0 0 0 0

Donald Jess
Offensive Player of the Game:
QB Don Jess, Ruins
(Loads of TDs, including 51 & 61 yrds passes)

Sorry, no pic available
Defensive Player of the Game:
LB Bjørn Olav Slåttlandet, Ruins
(Tackling and hitting makes him stand out: Had interception too)