Game of the Week

These are the ones to take a closer look at

Week one

1814s vs. Kings(dk)

1814s hits the EuroCup scene for the first time versus former EuroCup champions (1997) Roskilde Kings. The Kings were a wildcard to play in the EuroCup this year just as Eidsvoll (The Kings because Århus Tigers chose to play in the Champions League, the 1814s because the Vålerenga Trolls pulled out). The 1814's confidence and season could come down to how they fare in this game. A win, and they'll be rolling. A marginal loss and they'll still feel ok. But a huge loss could devastate their high hopes too much for the super-farmers to rise again.

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May 2nd  -->

Week two

Storm vs. Oilers

The 2nd division West opens with Bergen facing arch-rivals Sandnes Oilers at home. This game will be the first indication as to how this very open group could turn out. Storm plays their first regular season game for almost two years, while the Oilers play their first 2nd division game since 1993, when they went 6-0 and beat the Kodiaks in a relegation game to get promoted to the 1st division the next year. The score ? 18-16.

Week three

Vikings vs. 1814s

There will be a lot of emotions in this one. The 1814s don't like the Vikes, and vice versa. Expect this to be one of the most physical games of the year, possibly THE one, although we expect the Trolls to be pissed off at times too. If the Trolls are where we think they're at, this is probably a preview of the National Championship game.

<--   May 8th

May 16th  -->

Week four

Kings(dk) vs. Vikings

The Vikes beat Kings 18-0 the last time they met (a year ago), and should come in to this one expecting a win. Actually, they must win. It is very likely that the Knights will beat 1814s in the other EuroCup game this week, meaning that the Vikings must have beaten the Knights in Oslo AND win this one to go to the champ'ship game. The Kings are good, but not the team they were two years ago when they won the EuroCup.

Week five

Vikings 2 vs. Blue Devils

Two of the top three teams in the 2nd division East face each other for a vital game. Whoever comes out of this one a winner will be favorites for the 2nd division East title. The difference in score in this game could prove important later on.

<--   May 23rd

May 29th  -->

Week six

1814s vs. Domers

The Domers could be tiring at the time of this one, but may still put up a brave fight against the Eidsvoll side. If the Domers have been looking good at their home games in Trondheim, they may bring enough confidence to actually make this a two-sided affair. Also, this should be a game for the fan of the option game. Both teams run the option, although in very different packages.

Week seven

Ruins vs. Blue Devils

The Blue Devils, who don't travel well, must go to Hamar and face the improving -despite what ttheir name suggests- Ruins. This is a top game in the 2nd division East. Whatever the result in the week three clash of these two; the Hamar side will win this one. Depending on how good the Blue Devils have fared until this game, a loss for them here may open up the division East title run even more.

<--   June 6th

June 13th  -->

Week eight

Trolls vs. Vikings

This is the one game that the Trolls look forward to the most. It is their chance to tell the Vikes who rules the land. If the Vikings advanced to the EuroCup Championship (to be played in week seven), they could be both physically and emotionally drained in this one, which is another plus for the Trolls. The Vikes may have more talent, but the Trolls have the drive and the circumstances on their side. Qualified for "Shock of the Week" if we're right about this one.

Week nine

1814s vs. Trolls

This one should be a blast. Emotions were running high when these two met in the preseason. Eidsvoll HC Jan Johansson is a former Trolls assistant. Lineman John Lara is also a former Troll. Expect an intense and ferocious game on the farm.

<--   June 19th

June 27th  -->

Week ten

Oilers vs. Wildcats

Didn't make for much of a game last year, when the Arendal Wildcats won 77-8 and 48-6 over the Oilers. But the Oil millionaires are prepared this time around. This game will have influence on the outcome of the 2nd division West and who wins it, and most likely the winner here will win the division as well.

Week eleven

2nd division Championship

The winner of 2nd division West travels to meet the winner of the 2nd division East. The West team knocks the shit out of the Easterners and go home, only to reappear in weakened condition in August. This in turn leads to the loser here (East) claiming that "the West team didn't deserve to win". The westerners will answer this with a team burp to show their complete ignorance in relation to what easterners think.

<--   July 3rd

August 21st  -->

Week twelve

No 2, 1st div vs. No 3, 1st div

Whoever wins the 1st division regular season will have a nice little trashing of the 2nd division championship team, who will probably already be satisfied with their year and have a lot less players than they had in early July. Our Game of the Week however, will be a battle with a capital B. Our guess ? Old buddies Olof "Fille" Sundberg (Trolls) and Jan "Janne" Johansson (1814s) square it out. Johansson would be emotionally devastated by a loss, and that thought scares Sundberg enough to do a couple of bad calls unconsciously. The 1814s get to prepare for their first national championship game.

Week thirteen

National Championship

This is the one that counts. Who will own the bragging rights after 28th of August 1999 till August in year 2000 ? Expect to see the 1814s, the Trolls and  the Vikings. But one of them will be sitting in the stands...

<--   August 28th