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week Two 1999, 2nd division West Game

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- Area Population: 53 000
- Nickname: Oilers
- President: Stein N. Wisted
- Head Coach: Mike Lemond
- 1998 Record: 0-6*

*= Played in 1st division 1998

- Area Population: 260 000
- Nickname: Storm
- President: Kaj Hopland
- Head Coach: Magnus Andersson/Kaj Hopland/Rolf Endresen
- 1998 Record: 0-0*

*= Did not field a team in 1998.

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May 2nd, Sandnes (0-0) at Bergen (0-0), Varden kunstgress, Bergen, 11:00 AM.

1999: The Oilers claim to have started turning around their program, and practise turnout (around 20, up from around 10 last season) supports that claim. Bergen Storm will hopefully be ready to rock after two hopeless years where the team pulled out during the season in '97 and before the season in '98.

The Coaches: Mike Lemond is an American in his first year as Head Coach of the Oilers. He will also play. Bergen Storm is coached by three player-coaches; Magnus Andersson, Kaj Hopland and Rolf Endresen. Hopland and Endresen are Storm veterans, while Andersson has his background from the Swedish league.

The Series: This rivalry goes back to a practise game in the autumn of '93. At the senior level Bergen leads the series 4-2, but lost the last one back in 1997. Sandnes holds the biggest victory: 72-0 in 1995.

Last Week: None of the team had games last week; this is the first regular season game in 1999 for both teams.

Next Week: Sandnes has a bye week while Bergen welcomes the Arendal Wildcats to their first game in Bergen.

About Sandnes:

Small city just south of Stavanger (pop. 105 000) on the Southwest coast of Norway. Most known as the bicycle-city of Norway, so not much to brag about, no. Also has a fantastic museum featuring...*ahem*...bricks.

About Bergen: Second biggest city in Norway, most known for their special breed of people and the constant bad weather (unless you love rain, that is). Used to be the capitol of Norway in medieveal times. Located on the west coast.

TNFJ Tip: The Oilers by 7.