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Reports week
1 - 6

Week one
Vikings vs. Knights(dk)
1814s vs. Kings(dk)

Week two
Storm vs. Oilers

Week three
Trolls vs. Domers
Vikings vs. 1814s
Blue Devils vs. Ruins
Storm vs. Wildcats

Week four
Knights(dk) vs. 1814s
Kings(dk) vs. Vikings
Blue Devils vs. Kodiaks
Wildcats vs. Oilers

Week five
Domers vs. Vikings
Trolls vs. 1814s
Vikings 2 vs. Blue Devils
Oilers vs. Storm

Week six
1814s vs. Domers
Kodiaks vs. Ruins
Wildcats vs. Storm

Week seven
EuroCup Champ'ship
Domers vs. Trolls
Vikings 2 vs. Kodiaks
Ruins vs. Blue Devils
Oilers vs. Wildcats


The ultimate summary of the season

Game of the Week : OSI Vikings took the championship, although not as convincingly as expected, beating Eidsvoll 1814s; 28-14.

Lick of the Week : No such thing this week.

Shock of the Week : Ah, well, the 1814s made the Vikings work for their gold medals. So did the Vikes themselves, doing far more mistakes than usual. It wasn't the prettiest victory ever, but a win is a win. Especially when it's the last game of the season.

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Reports week
7 - 13

Week eight
Trolls vs. Vikings
Ruins vs. Vikings 2
Kodiaks vs. Blue Devils
Storm vs. Oilers

Mid-week game
Kodiaks vs. Vikings 2

Week nine
Vikings vs. Domers
1814s vs. Trolls
Vikings 2 vs. Ruins
Wildcats vs. Storm

Week ten
Vikings vs. Trolls
Domers vs. 1814s
Ruins vs. Kodiaks
Blue Devils vs. Vikings 2
Oilers vs. Wildcats

Week eleven
1814s vs. Vikings
2nd Div Championship

Week twelve
Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2

Week thirteen
Championship game