Preseason Games

Reports from all the preseason games

Game Reports

Eidsvoll 1814s
@ Vålerenga Trolls

Nidaros Domers
vs. Hamar Ruins
@ Jämtland Republicans

OSI Vikings
vs. Carlstad Crusaders

Vålerenga Trolls
vs. Eidsvoll 1814s
vs. Gøteborg Giants

Arendal Wildcats
@ Winter Bowl (Tournament, Århus, dk)
vs. Kolbotn Kodiaks

Bergen Storm
No games played


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Game of the Preseason : It wasn't well played and it sure wasn't pretty, but the 20-20 tie between Vålerenga Trolls and Eidsvoll 1814s had some emotions, a couple of hot players and told of potential (1814s).

Lick of the Preseason : Arendal Wildcats beat Kolbotn Kodiaks 60-0 in a game with running clock. We guess the Cats like it that way. Thats why they're in the 2nd division, right...?

Shock of the Preseason : Congratulations to the Trolls. Losing 0-40 to the Göteborg Giants made everybody feel sympathy for the legendary powerhouse. That was one cold-windy-rainy-shitty day.

Game Reports

Sandnes Oilers
No games played

Bærum Blue Devils
vs. Trolls Old Boys

Hamar Ruins
@ Nidaros Domers

Kolbotn Kodiaks
@ Arendal Wildcats

Lillehammer Wolfpack
No games played

OSI Vikings 2
No games played