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OSI Vikings 2

Can they follow in 1st team's footsteps ?

2nd Division East
Bærum Blue Devils
Hamar Ruins
Kolbotn Kodiaks
OSI Vikings 2

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This team has had an identity problem. Last year saw the Head Coach to be leave before the season began, and the rest was a tad chaotic. The fact that they only got to play three games during the regular season didn't help the recruiting team recruit either. This year could be different. In comes the energetic Paul Parlett and a staff of 5 assistant coaches. The team seems to have better quality on its roster than last year as well, so this could turn out to be a good year for the Vikings 2.


Gaute Engebretsen saw some action here last season, particularly in the 2nd division championship game. He is the most seasoned player in Norway, having played since the early 80s. He may be athletic, have good knowledge of the game and be fleet at foot, but he's still a question mark at Quarterback. Christopher Dahr is a development project who may benefit the club in the long run. 1998's junior QB Patrick Hamnøy is primarily a defensive player, but could see some time here.


Rookie Per Evind "Pelle" Røhjell has been looking very promising in practise. He has a good combination of speed, size and guts. Fullback Ole Dahle is a former Asker Lynx player who is consistent. Herman Gamnes is inexperienced but learning fast. Erik Enersen is a former junior who may see some playing time.


This department is unproven. The Vikings 2 have a crop of young and unpolished players in the receivers section. The wideouts are led by talents Anders Lunde and André Johnsen. Other names are Ole Martin Moen and speedy Espen Olafsen. At TE the Vikings 2 look very secure, with national junior team starter Christian Myhrvold, speedy Eirik Orbakk and rookie Mario Gaarder providing excellent depth. But it is the big and powerful Hogne Hareide everybody is talking about. His hands aren't too bad either; he could be the biggest asset in the passing game.

Offensive Line:

Every single one of last year's group returns, and some new additions add to depth. Center Helge Eiding, a former Vikings and national team (in the days there actually excisted a national team for seniors) star, comes out of retirement. Roald Fischer is a veteran of the trenchwars on the line who knows what he's doing. Gøran Kristiansen has only a year of experience but his coaches rave about his potential. Frank Møllevik could be up for a good year. Other names who will matter here is Thomas Holtquist, Jonny Skjerpingstad, Jørgen Plogås, Ivar Geithung and Jørn Næsfeldt.

Defensive Line:

DE Jarl Eidsvåg comes down from the 1st team. He is an excellent player who originally played with the Nidaros Domers. Terje Berget is solid and will start. Georg Svendsen is only in his mid-20s, but is a veteran with 10 years of playing experience. Per Morten Johannesen is yet another 1st team player. So is Arne Rønning, who is one of the most heralded players of the organization. Rune Ivem is also in this unit.


ILB Einar Korneliussen comes over from Kolbotn, and is expected to lead the charge. Jørgen Jakobsen is a rookie with good potential. Jonas Bauge is a name that will be a bigger figure this coming junior season. Vidar Theil and Asle Melgaard are solid players who will see playing time.

Defensive Backs:

Gorm Laursen, a star with the 1st team for many seasons, leads a talented secondary, probably the position on this team that looks the best. He has experience and excellent speed. Junior DB Martin Noreng is getting better each season, and should continue his progress. Patrick Hamnøy is viewed as one of the better coverage men in the country, but lacks speed. Expect Gaute Engebretsen, a member of the TNFJ all-time team as a DB, to see some time here if he doesn't land the starting job as QB. Hans Kristian Helgesen is a former Domers player who is expected to come out from retirement.

Special Teams:

Both Hogne Hareide and André Johnsen are former high school kickers (Hey, who isn't ?) who will strengthen the kicking game. As for kick returners; there is enough speedy guys and athletic blockers to chose from to make up a pretty good return unit.

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach Paul Parlett is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in Norway. One of the most serious too, which always matters. Atle Herberg(D-line) and Trond-Atle Asphjell(DBs) as well as Morten Midtsund(O-line) returns from last years staff, while Jarle Magnus Henriksen(QB/Receivers) comes in from the Sandnes Oilers and former Kolbotn assistant Dag Vestli(RBs) returns to football after a year off.


This team will be better than last year, but so will the competition. Expect the Vikings 2 to finish among the top two in the 2nd division East.

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Grading out
Quarterbacks: D-

Runningbacks: D+
Receivers: D+
Offensive Line: C-
Defensive Line: C
Linebackers: B-
Defensive Backs: C+-
Special Teams: D+
Coaching Staff: C+

Team overall: C

Record: 4-2
Placement: 2nd in 2nd division East.

vs. Blue Devils
vs. Kodiaks
@ Ruins
@ Kodiaks
vs. Ruins
@ Blue Devils

*= Preseason game.