Results semi finals 


VIF Trolls and Bergen Storm to the finals, Trolls beating the Bandits 24 - 0 and Storm beating Ruins 30 - 0, will play the championship game at Jordal 12.00 tomorrow Sunday the 21st. 
U19 Play offs  



Vålerenga Trolls 6 5 1 0 0.833 228 46
Nordstrand Bandits 6 3 2 1 0.500 120 91
Oslo Vikings 6 1 4 1 0.167 73 202


Bergen Storm 6 5 1 0 0.833 189 60
Oilers 6 3 3 0 0.500 142 105
Åsane Seahawks 6 1 5 0 0.167 75 200


Hamar Ruins 6 5 1 0 0.833 197 77
Furuset Panthers 5 1 4 0 0.200 42 179
Eidsvoll 1814s 5 1 4 0 0.200 49 154
Each group winner and the number 2 team with best record ( wild card) makes the play offs this year. VIF Trolls, Bergen Storm, Hamar Ruins as group winners and Nordstrand Bandits as the wild card team will battle it out on Saturday 20th for the championship games on Sunday 21st.

Games will be played at Jordal stadium in Oslo, semifinal 1 VIF Trolls vs Nordstrand Bandits starts at 13.00 and semifinal 2 Bergen Storm vs Hamar Ruins starts at 17.00 on saturday with the final starting at 12.00 on Sunday.

U19 Season on the way


U19 Season kicked off this weekend with newcomers Åsane Seahawks beating Oslo Vikings 25 - 12 at home in Bergen. Eidsvoll 1814's travelled to Hamar Ruins for a whopping, the result 57 - 7. Nordstrand Bandits won at home against the Furuset Panthers with the score of the game 29 to 8. The downside of this great weekend of football was that VIF Trolls didn't manage to field a team against Bergen Storm, the game will be played at a later date.


1814s Norwegian champions


Eidsvoll 1814s Norwegian Champions. OSI Vikings and Eidsvoll 1814s after beating Vålerenga Trolls and Sandes Oilers in the semi finals, played the championship game today at Jordal stadium. 1814s won the game 24 - 7 with that bringing the trophy home to Eidsvoll, first time since 1983 the trophy goes to a team outside Oslo, Eidsvolls Leif Snilsberg won the defensive MVP and Vikings Per Kärn won the offensive MVP Award.

TNFJ congratulates Eidsvoll 1814s with The Norwegian championship 2001 [Discuss][Read More]

Teams ready for Semi-finals 


Vikings clinched the league championship with the win 28 - 14 over the 1814s. Vikings who was ready for the semifinal with the win over Trolls on the 9th of June. Trolls beat Nidaros 21 - 6 and secured the 3rd spot in the semi's. Oilers ready for the semi's as winners of 2nd division, playing last regular season game against the Storm Sunday.

Oslo Vikings will play the VIF trolls on the 7th of Juli.

Eidsvoll 1814s will play the Sandnes Oilers on the 8th of Juli.


The nameless named Panthers


The team with out a name joins the Furuset Panthers, the womens team founded earlier this month has joined the Panthers, maybe we will actually see a senior Panthers team play a regular season game ??. Rumours also says that Morten Midtsund is returning as head coach for the womens team. This thursday 21/06/01 a small scrimmage was played between the Trolls and the Panthers, the Trolls won the scrimmage 14 to 6, honorable result from the Panthers side with just 2 weeks of practice.     

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Nordstrand U16 National Champions


On a beautiful day at Hamar stadium, in front of 250 spectators the first U16 championship game was played. Nordstrand Bandits won the game, beating the Hamar Ruins 31 -20.


Women's flag football tournament


Women's flag football tournament played this saturday at Jordal stadium. Four teams participating VIF trolls, 2 Swedish teams, Uddevalla and Gothenburg, and a new team founded in Oslo, yet to have a name.


Rød out for the season


Joakim Rød Oilers star receiver and 2000 all norwegian player, is out for the season with a broken bone in his left leg. After a 37 yard catch Joakim was brought down and the injury occured.

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Panthers pulled out of Oilers game


Panthers pulled out of the game against the Oilers. Panthers claimed that its was difficulties getting players to go down there for the game. Game was to be played on a Sunday  TNFJ feels that if you sign on for the season you play games on both Sundays and Saturdays. No matter how far away or the time it takes to travel.
TNFJ News up and running


Due to some computer problems there has been difficulties in updating the news section. The problems are solved and we are confident that we will countinue bringing news as they happen.
Blake Miller Vikings Head coach


Blake Miller "upped" to Headcoach for the Vikings. After several negotiations with coaches around europe, the Vikings ended up at home with choosing the defensive coordinator as head coach.

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Strøm assistant coach at Cal poly


Bård Strøm former offensive coordinator for Bergen Storm. is reported to be involved in the football program with Cal Poly Mustangs. he will be hired as an assistant coach with the responsebilities for the Quarterback and Runningbacks position. Cal Poly Mustangs a NCAA Division I team has a regular attendance of 4000 spectactors each home game but when travelling for the away games the attendance can reach the heights of 20000 to 25000.

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New Head coach 1814's


Dan McCarty-New Head Coach Eidsvoll 1814's, Eidsvoll has signed a contract with the new head coach for the 2001 season. McCarthy coached at Div. II and Div. III colleges and also has experience from the Indoor Football League as a player and coach.

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Henriksen to head up Oilers ?


Jarle Magnus Henriksen allegedely to take reins at Sandes Oilers. Henriksen, Junior National Head coach and a former assistant coach at Vikings will coach the Oilers for the 2001 season. are proud to be the first to report this. Details of the contract where not enclosed.


Gladiator on


From Norway To New York, Giants Fan Bleeds Blue, Kristiansand Gladiator Alan Wetrhus featured on New York Giants official web site. Wetrhus a die hard Giant fan since the late 80's is featured on the gameday zone. 

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Sissener to join NFLE


Phillip Alexander  Sissener to join NFLE? Sissener who had an excellent season for Vikings last year, is one of 60 players selected  to attend NFLE training camp in Tampa, Florida. 12 players will be cut from the camp leaving 48 players to join NFLE, Sissener states he is confident he will make the draft. 

Note: Sissener set a NFLE strength record during the try out.

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Bob O'Connor to join Vikings


As earlier reported, Blake Miller joined Vikings coaching staff. Bob O'connor also joins the Vikings, O'connor will take the responsebilities as the Special Teams coordinator and defensive backs coach. 

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Strøm leaves Bergen


Bergens Offensive coordinator Bård Strøm leaves Bergen behind, he has chosen a new life away from his team. Strøm reportedly is moving to California to countinue his education, getting a Master of Science. 

We wish him the best of luck.


Don Jess returns to Ruins ?


American coach/player Don Jess, whom last played for the Hamar Ruins in 1999, is set to return to the Hamar team in 2001. Jess, a graduate of Alma College, took the Ruins to a 5-1 record before he went back to the States in 1999. It has also been reported that the Vålerenga Trolls have been in contact with Jess.
Parlett to join Trolls ?


Former Kolbotn Kodiaks and OSI Vikings' coach Paul Parlett looks set to join the Vålerenga Trolls in 2001. Parlett has reportedly already been active coaching the Trolls' QBs. Parlett, an Englishman, was the Head Coach of the OSI Vikings II in 1999 and the Kolbotn Kodiaks in 1997.
Graber joins Vikings


Swiss Linebacker/Fullback Roger Graber is set to join the Oslo Vikings after three years for the Eidsvoll 1814s. Graber, who has been a dominant force in the Norwegian league since he came to the country in 1998, looks to be another asset in the Vikings arsenal. Oslo Vikings will play in the 2001 EuroBowl competition as well as the Norwegian league.
Henriksen resigns from NoAFF


NoAFF general secretary Jarle Magnus Henriksen has resigned, and is leaving Oslo later this month. Henriksen is reportedly moving back to his home town of Sandnes. Henriksen was also an assistant with the Oslo Vikings during his two years in Oslo.
Midtsund leaves Panthers


Head Coach Morten Midtsund has left the Furuset Panthers after the team and Midtsund concluded it would be best to go separate ways. The Panthers are looking to cooperate with the Vålerenga Trolls in coaching matters.
Miller committs to Vikings


Bærum Blue Devils head coach Blake Miller has committed to the Oslo Vikings for the 2001 season. Miller enjoyed success with the Blue Devils, including their 5-1 season in 1999. He will serve as defensive coordinator for the Vikings in 2001.