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Welcome to the Rankings section of TNFJ. Over the last three years, people within the Norwegian football scene has started noticing these rankings, and many opinions have arrived to us either by word of mouth or e-mail.

Please, do give us your opinion. But remember to give a reason why you think the player(s) you mention should be ranked. What is it about the particular player that makes you view him as one of the top three/five ? What makes team X better than team Y ?

Just click here to e-mail us with your ranking.


Sly Yelder
Sylvester Yelder
is ranked as the #1 import player in Norway.

Magnus Thorstensen

Panthers' Thorstensen
is the preseason #1 junior DB, as well as special teamer.

Nicolay Aslaksen
Vikings' Aslaksen
is now #1 in the senior runningback rankings.

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