Link Examples How should I link to the other sites ?
Below are three different approaches to fulfilling the linking requirement. Although some of these sites at the time of writing have yet to put up links to five FN sites, they have some good examples of how it can be done. You can click on any of the three pictures to take a look at the websites and find the examples.
Furuset Panthers
The Furuset Panthers have chosen to have a vertical scroller beneath the Football Network banner. The scroller includes five of the FN sites, and is the best example of how it can be done. Original, effective and smart.
Euro 25 Poll
The Euro 25 Poll have links to FN sites two places; on their top menu, which is a javascript, and on their right sidebar menu, which is regular HTML.
European American Football Coaches Association
The European American Football Coaches Association (EAFCA) have put a couple of the FN sites right into their website menu. This is a good way of integrating the FN sites and enhancing your own website.