Football Network What is the Football Network ?
Football Network is an organization tying together many of the websites throughout the world covering football.
Member sites Can my site be a member ?
If it covers football in one way or another, yes it can. Whether it'd be a team site, organization, federation, news or other; as long as football is the main content your site is welcome. Check out current member sites.
Benefits Are there any benefits ?
Yes. First of all you get to be part of a community of people with the same interest as you/your site. Second, you will be linked to from many other sites potential visitors to your site frequents. And, we are a content sharing network. You give something - and you get something.
Apply What do I have to do ?
You have to apply, which can be done by mailing us and requesting membership. We also require that you put up a link section (see examples) named "Football Network" on at least one of your two most visited pages. Here you put links to at least five websites within the Football Network. Which five (or more) you choose is entirely up to you.