Morten Midtsund

News Editor, Norway: Morten Midtsund


Morten Midtsund is a former coach who has turned his ambitions towards web journalism for the time being. Midtsund coached with the Kolbotn Kodiaks, OSI/Oslo Vikings and the Furuset Panthers. He also was the O-line coach for the Norwegian national junior team in 2000. Midtsund, who's background in Norwegian gridiron stretches back to 1987, has vast knowledge of the Norwegian football scene. After finishing his playing career with the Kodiaks in the mid 1990s, Midtsund soon became involved in coaching, first with his original team Kolbotn, and later a two year stint with the Vikings before helping start new side Furuset Panthers. An experienced web designer, Midtsund is also the webmaster for, which he has single handedly built up. Midtsund joined the web team in December 2000.

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